Google adds snooze button, Google Pay to Gmail for iOS

Google adds snooze button, Google Pay to Gmail for iOS

Google adds snooze button, Google Pay to Gmail for iOS

On the first day of its Google I/O annual developers conference, Google announced a smart new feature for Gmail, which will type out emails for you.

Smart Compose operates in the background, letting you accept its suggestions or ignore them, so you don't need to change the way you now compose drafts. This feature makes Google's machine learning smarts take a crack at guessing what you're about to type - and offering to type it for you. You just start typing and Gmail will suggest the end of your statement.

This new feature will be landing in the consumer version of Gmail "in the coming weeks", with support for G Suite users arriving later this year.

"You may see a new photo creation that plays with pops of color". It can also minimize spelling and grammar errors. Moreover, if you are willing to switch back to the original Gmail, uncheck the box.

If you want to try this new feature today then follow the steps below to enable it in your Gmail. Google Photos will recognize the presence of those friends in pictures, and automatically suggest that the user shares those pictures with those specific contacts. The upcoming Android P update will bring a host of new features and enhancements later this year, and owners of 11 different Android phones can join a public beta now.

The first new feature comes in the form of smart suggestions in the image viewer.

It's the email soul mate you never knew you wanted.

Another awesome advancement that Google added to Gmail to get iOS is the capacity to send and ask cash as an attachment in Gmail using Google Pay.

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