Emergency Alert from the City; don't worry it's just a test

Emergency Alert from the City; don't worry it's just a test

Emergency Alert from the City; don't worry it's just a test

It was the first time the Alert Ready system, created to communicate with people in the event of an emergency, was being tested on wireless devices in Manitoba.

The system was developed in partnership with federal, provincial and territorial emergency management officials, Environment and Climate Change Canada, Pelmorex Corp. and the broadcast industry to ensure Canadians receive important information and know when to take action to keep themselves safe.

If you have a publicly registered residential or business phone you should get an emergency alert from the City today, but don't call 9-1-1, it's just a test.

The new technology was launched through the national Alert Ready program in B.C. on April 6.

An apparent problem in the coding prevented the alert from being sent to Quebec wireless devices Monday morning, while some - but not all - compatible devices in Ontario received it later in the afternoon. "Alert Ready partners have been actively working to resolve identified issues". During an emergency, the line should only be used for those in life-threatening situations. The recent inclusion of wireless public alerting means emergency messages are able to reach more Manitobans. The province is considering expanding the use of Alert Ready beyond tsunamis to include other hazards and emergencies.

The emergency alerts will be issued, alongside routine television and radio tests, to compatible wireless devices, such as smartphones.

Test alerts already go out several times a year through TV and radio, but now cell phones will be included. Alert Ready said, depending on the device and circumstances, the alert tone may override user settings.

Here are the times for tests scheduled for today.

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