Israel's Netanyahu serves offensive dessert in a shoe to Japanese PM Abe

Israel's Netanyahu serves offensive dessert in a shoe to Japanese PM Abe

Israel's Netanyahu serves offensive dessert in a shoe to Japanese PM Abe

Hosting Japan's premier, the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara Netanyahu were left with their foot in their mouths after they made a decision to have celebrity Israeli chef Segev Moshe prepare the menu for the evening.

Segev Moshe, a renown Israeli culinary expert and Netanyahu's private chef, was chosen to create the menu and dishes for the diplomatic dinner for the world leaders, along with their wives Akie and Sara. "If it was humor, we don't suppose it's humorous; we had been offended on behalf of our prime minister", a Japanese diplomat, who was not named, advised Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharonot.

Japanese etiquette cherishes cleanliness and regards shoes as something left outside the home: the Lonely Planet guide states that "you'll always have to remove footwear when entering a private home, traditional accommodation (minshuku or ryokan), and temple halls".

A huge online backlash followed when Abe and his wife were presented a dessert in a shoe. Even the prime minister, ministers and members of parliament do not wear shoes to work ... What was the distinguished chef thinking?

Japanese, like any Asian culture, do not bring shoes inside the home, let alone on the dining table. even inside the Japanese home, shoes are forbidden and only leather covering cloth shoes are preferred. After the main meal, Segev rolled out the special dessert-various chocolates served in metal shoes.

Yediot Aharonot also quoted an unidentified senior Israeli official as calling the object's choice "insensitive". "This is disrespect of the first order". "The desert included pralines made of gold and white chocolate, and as a gesture to the Japanese prime minister, seaweed was also used", the statement said. "If it was humor, we don't think it is amusing; we were offended on behalf of our prime minister."- the diplomats were quoted as saying by the paper.

However, Segev Moshe's followers believed the chef should have done his homework before preparing for the meal. Great honor to cook for you!

Segev's creative flair was displayed in May 2017 when he President Donald Trump visited Israel and was presented with a dessert that featured his' and Netanyahu's silhouettes, but this time he took it a little too far.

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