Thanos is coming to Fortnite

Thanos is coming to Fortnite

Thanos is coming to Fortnite

The "Infinity Gauntlet" mode will be available for free on Fortnite Battle Royale on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac and iOS.

On Monday, developers at Epic Games confirmed a "limited time mashup" beginning Tuesday featuring Fortnite and Thanos, the villain who fights Earth's mightiest heroes in this year's biggest film.

Fortnite's Infinity Gauntlet Limited Time Mashup launched yesterday giving players the chance to drop into the game and grab the titular Infinity Gauntlet. What sets this mode apart from the usual Battle Royale mode is that alongside the hundred players fighting it out, the Infinity Gauntlet will also be in play. The patch decreased Thanos' shield cap from 300 to 200, but raised his max health from 700 to 800.

Joe and Anthony Russo, the directors of the Avengers: Infinity Wars, are reportedly big fans of Fortnite and reached out to EPIC games creative director Donald Mustard for a possible crossover.

What are your thoughts on the new changes to Thanos and Fortnite's Infinity Gauntlet limited timed mode? It's unlike anything we've done before and we want to know what you think!

SetToDestroyX have been the team to beat over the last week or two, and Epsilon managed it during game two of week four, closing the gap between first and second to a still enormous 20 points. Sometimes unbalanced games with overpowered characters and gear can be even more fun than a game that continually balances itself out.

Epic did comment in the Fortnite subreddit that they would continue to monitor feedback and try to make it easier for all players to get their shot to play as Thanos while the event remains active. We've got all the tips and tricks for how to dominate the game when you become him.

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