Nintendo brings back retro NES Classic console

Nintendo brings back retro NES Classic console

Nintendo brings back retro NES Classic console

After selling out in stores immediately and leaving thousands of Nintendo fans disappointed, the NES Classic Edition is returning to stores starting June 29, Nintendo announced with a tweet Sunday. The console, which is a mini-version of the original NES from 1983, will go on sale in the USA from June 29 of 2018. The Classic Edition will come preloaded with 30 games and retail for $59.99 when it hits store shelves. Consistently sold out at retailers, the brand new NES Classic sold more than five million units, which is a great incentive for Nintendo to revive it. The two consoles share identical hardware but have unique looks, localized versions of the games, and a selection of region-specific games.

The system, while smaller than the original, will include one classic controller and 30 pre-installed games, according to Nintendo's website. But with SNES Classic Mini reportedly selling somewhere north of 5m units worldwide, we can see why the Japanese giant's finally made a decision to take the plunge.

If the SNES Classic has taught us anything though, it's that no amount of re-stocks is going to make this an easy task to accomplish.

The announcement follows a September 2017 report that Nintendo had confirmed it was restarting production of the NES Classic.

Nintendo released the SNES Classic a year later. Furthermore, the company revealed that both NES and SNES Classic Edition will be available through the end of 2018. Knowing Nintendo's skills at estimation, however, that might not exactly be reassuring.

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