Look! Amazon Go Stores Set To Open In Chicago & San Francisco

Look! Amazon Go Stores Set To Open In Chicago & San Francisco

Look! Amazon Go Stores Set To Open In Chicago & San Francisco

Now, it has posted listings for store managers in San Francisco and Chicago, according to The Seattle Times.

Amazon Go is headed for Chicago and San Francisco.

Four months after Amazon opened its first futuristic convenience store in its hometown of Seattle, the company said on Monday that it will bring new Amazon Go locations to San Francisco and Chicago later this year.

The company first opened "Amazon Go" in Seattle. It is recently reported that Amazon had its eye on an Amazon Go location in San Francisco's Union Square neighborhood.

At the time only Seattle and Los Angeles were confirmed, but it looks like the expansion will stretch beyond those cities. There are still no more announcements about when future stores will be ready for the general public, but real-estate tracker Curbed has hunted down the locations selected by Amazon. (NASDAQ:AMZN) likes what it sees from its futuristic cashierless store concept. The store features a simple setup, where a customer scans a smartphone app to start shopping, then can take things off the shelves and just walk out.

Now there is only one Amazon Go store: a small space located in the base of one of its Seattle skyscrapers that opened to the public in January. There are no checkout lines and no checkout counters, though staff hover helpfully to aid new customers who are hesitant about how it all works.

The store uses a collection of cameras and sensors to constantly track customers and inventory as they move around. It bought grocer Whole Foods a year ago for $13.7billion, which gave it 470 stores, and has opened more than a dozen bookstores.

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