Trump increases economic isolation of Venezuela after Maduro reelection

Trump increases economic isolation of Venezuela after Maduro reelection

Trump increases economic isolation of Venezuela after Maduro reelection

President Nicolas Maduro Tuesday ordered the expulsion of the top two U.S. diplomatic representatives in Venezuela, angrily rejecting economic sanctions imposed by Washington over his re-relection.

The group in a statement said the members' diplomats in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, would return to their respective countries for consultations.

According to Venezuela's National Electoral Council, Nicolas Maduro was re-elected as Venezuelan president, having secured 68 percent of the vote, with slightly over 46-percent voter turnout.

USA spokespeople claim that the measures are aimed at preventing a "firesale" of the country's assets by corrupt officials looking for kickbacks. Canada is one of 14 countries in the Americas limiting diplomatic relationships with Venezuela because of the rigged election, held Sunday.

"The elections happened. And they were successful.Venezuelan is the victim of a threat never seen before".

US President Donald Trump imposed the latest sanctions, which prevent the sale of Venezuelan assets or those of its state oil company to US citizens or corporations, on Monday. One of the two diplomats - the US chief of mission, Todd Robinson - also had vigorously taken the Maduro government to task over the case of Joshua Holt, an American imprisoned in Venezuela.

Maduro's re-election is already causing negative ripples in the Americas as a group of Latin leaders have chose to recall their envoys from the oil rich country.

North Korea congratulated Nicolás Maduro on winning Venezuela's election
Venezuela expels US envoy

Maduro also appeared to be responding to escalating US sanctions on Venezuela and being branded a "dictator" by the Trump administration.

Trump administration officials are known to be considering curbing Venezuelan oil imports, but so far the idea has been discarded for fears it would further raise USA gas prices.

It said U.S. policy "promotes hatred, intolerance and political and financial lynching" of Venezuela.

He promised to spend the next two years before scheduled congressional elections repairing an economy he says has been badly damaged by mafias backed by Colombia and the U.S.

The bloc of countries expressed its preoccupation for the rise in Venezuelans fleeing from their country, and announced that they would have a meeting in the first fortnight of June in order to discuss potential solutions.

I agree. Western democracies and Venezuela's domestic opposition should act fast, because - despite Venezuela's economic collapse - time may be running in Maduro's favor. Falcon said that at 86 percent of voting centers, ruling party activists set up so-called "Red Points" where they used cellphones to scan QR codes on government-issued "Fatherland Cards".

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