Top House Democrat Requests Probe Into How FBI Source's Name Was Leaked

Top House Democrat Requests Probe Into How FBI Source's Name Was Leaked

Top House Democrat Requests Probe Into How FBI Source's Name Was Leaked

President Donald Trump's legal team wants a briefing on the classified information shared with lawmakers about the origins of the FBI investigation into Russia's meddling in the 2016 election. Law enforcement officials have countered that using such informants amid counterintelligence investigations - which the FBI had launched in late July 2016 into Russian efforts to penetrate the Trump campaign - is standard procedure.

Rudy Giuliani, one of Trump's attorneys, told The Associated Press on Friday that the White House hopes to get a readout of the materials next week.

"Really from the beginning of his presidency, President Trump has not observed the time-honored norm that's been in place at least since Watergate that there should be a real division between the Department of Justice and the White House", said Yates, who was sacked by Trump in January 2017 for refusing to defend the administration's travel ban.

Giuliani later told CNN that he assumes Flood went to the meeting because the President wanted him there. The committee's chairman, Rep. Devin Nunes, is also attending the meeting along with Rep. Trey Gowdy and House Speaker Paul Ryan. Trump has routinely broken norms about how the White House interacts with the Justice Department, which is supposed to have a degree of independence.

As cynical as they might sound about Washington's capacity for reform - even in the likes of Mueller, a staunch Republican with a stellar public record - Trump supporters do care about accountability.

President Donald Trump speaks with reporters about allowing the release of a secret memo on the F.B.I.'s role in the Russian Federation inquiry, during a meeting with North Korean defectors in the Oval Office of the White House, Friday, Feb. 2, 2018, in Washington. In a tweet Thursday morning he called it "one of the biggest political scandals in US history".

House Intelligence Committee ranking Democrat Adam Schiff, Calif., said in a statement that Flood's "involvement - in any capacity - was entirely improper, and I made this clear to him".

"You'd want to be very thoughtful about having the FBI, without having a predicated investigation, be monitoring speech in the USA, because it's often very hard to tell, is it coming from a nation state?" "SPYGATE-a bad thing!" Trump tweeted Thursday. "Maybe it would be for me, or Jay [Sekulow] but not the person representing the President inside the White House", he said.

"I don't have a great answer for them", Comey said of social media companies including Facebook and Twitter, which were major venues for what US intelligence agencies have said was a Russian-sponsored effort to help President Donald Trump win the 2016 USA election.

Giuliani also invoked the material compiled by James Comey, the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director, before he was sacked by Trump in May 2017, the AP report added.

"The parallelism between what the Trump campaign was doing and saying and what the Russians were doing and saying was remarkably parallel, particularly when it came to attacks on Hillary Clinton, all her alleged physical and mental maladies, and there was nearly an echo chamber between the two", Clapper told CNN's Dana Bash.

"The question begs, at whose direction, what were they collecting and who were they reporting to?"

Hannity said he echoed President Donald Trump's sentiment that Comey's firing was a "great service to this country". Three former Trump aides have pleaded guilty and are cooperating with the investigation. And the White House said Kelly would organize the meeting with House lawmakers to discuss the documents, although he and other White House staffers would not be present.

"[There is] a big gulf between a spy in the traditional sense-employing spycraft or tradecraft-and an informant who is open about ... who he was and what the questions he was asking", Clapper said on PBS Wednesday.

Suggesting that the probe was launched on the backs of inappropriately obtained information was Giuliani's latest effort to discredit the investigation by painting it as a purely political event.

Schiff said Flood's presence at the meeting was "completely inappropriate".

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