‘The Walking Dead’ Will Lose Star Andrew Lincoln in Season 9

‘The Walking Dead’ Will Lose Star Andrew Lincoln in Season 9

‘The Walking Dead’ Will Lose Star Andrew Lincoln in Season 9

Andrew Lincoln, star of AMC's "The Walking Dead", will reportedly leave the show after its ninth season, which is now in production. The fans will never see Carl become a man because AMC did not recast the character and took the easy way out.

The Walking Dead is not a safe place for any of its characters - aside from a few core cast members, anyone has been fair game for a sudden exit, either through zombie or human means.

It seems odd to plan an expensive spinoff rollout without the show's biggest star, though perhaps the network is looking for some new blood. When reached by SYFY WIRE, AMC declined to comment on the report.

The immediate outcome is that Norman Reedus's Daryl Dixon will nearly certainly step into Rick's still-warm cowboy boots as the show's primary focus, a theory backed up by reports that the actor is in negotiations for a $20m pay packet. Lauren Cohan, who was recently confirmed to return after holding out for a better deal, could also be featured in a more prominent role when the series returns.

AMC has yet to announce when season nine of the dystopic drama will air, but most expect it to come in October, which is when the show has begun the last eight seasons. Rick, Carl, and Maggie are all still alive in the comic book series that the show is based on. Fear The Walking Dead has very successfully rebooted itself in season 4 and The Walking Dead could do the same.

Lincoln's character has been the show's protagonist since the first episode. Melissa McBride (Carol) is still around, as is Norman Reedus (Daryl).

The news of the actor's exit was first reported by Collider.

Speaking of the season eight finale, former showrunner Scott M. Gimple said, "We knew for a long time that season [eight] was, in many ways, the end of a chapter of the show".

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