Melania reappears after 25 days out of public view

Melania reappears after 25 days out of public view

Melania reappears after 25 days out of public view

Former Bernie Sanders press secretary and CNN political commentator Symone Sanders was referring to a Thursday afternoon tweet by New York Times' Maggie Haberman that refuted Giuliani's claims that he knew what Melania Trump was thinking about the Stormy Daniel's affair.

And so ends one of the silliest episodes in an already rather silly period in history.

On her show "Deadline: White House", Wallace lit into Trump for his tweets about First Lady Melania Trump's prolonged public absence and the subsequent media speculation about her whereabouts.

Possibly the silliest of them all was identified by Snopes, the fact checking website, which. Over the course of the first lady's recovery, the White House released little information about the status of her health or where she was beyond telling reporters she was "doing well". She's done a fantastic job as First Lady. But he said he's going without her because she had a four-hour operation and doctors told her not to fly for a month.

Two White House journalists said they were present when the first lady was spotted on May 30, and reported at the time that she looked well. On Wednesday, she accompanied the president to a meeting on hurricane readiness at the Federal Emergency Management Agency headquarters with the president. "Fake News is really bad!"

Following the surgery, Melania's absence at events where the public has come to expect her alongside the president was well documented, leading her to take to Twitter to castigate reporters. All Fake, she is doing really well!

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