Trump calls Trudeau ’indignant’ ahead of G7 summit

Trump calls Trudeau ’indignant’ ahead of G7 summit

Trump calls Trudeau ’indignant’ ahead of G7 summit

The U.S. president's reception in the picturesque town of La Malbaie along the St. Lawrence River is set to be a far cry from when Ronald Reagan visited Quebec three decades ago, when he was so friendly with Prime Minister Brian Mulroney they sang a song together. But rhetoric on all sides has only become more heated, and Macron took it to another level in his Twitter post on Thursday.

President Donald Trump in a statement criticized Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for being so angry about new United States tariffs by accusing Canada of hurting American dairy farmers.

Trump's administration last week announced an end to exemptions from steel and aluminum tariffs that had been granted the Canada, the European Union and Mexico. There are differences in styles of diplomacy and views about cooperation and free trade. "I will continue to put the argument for the importance of those trade relationships around the world".

He added that he would use the meeting as an opportunity to start "straightening out unfair trade deals".

Nelson Wiseman, a professor at the University of Toronto, said he can't recall relations between US and Canada being worse.

French president Emmanuel Macron, who describes Mr Trump as a "friend", has taken a more confrontational approach ahead of the summit.

"In this environment, above all we always have to stay polite, stay productive and try to convince (them) to keep the United States on board because they are our historical ally and we need them", Macron told a news conference with Trudeau in Ottawa.

Trump offered his own digs the evening before his departure.

Trump engaged in a war of words with Trudeau and Macron on Thursday, accusing their countries of benefiting from one-sided trade arrangements with the U.S. The EU trade surplus with the United States is $151bn, and Canada keeps a farmers and others out.

Mr Trudeau has described the USA claim that the tariff decision was taken on national security grounds as "insulting". European allies have urged Trump to reconsider the move.

The G7 Summit has been largely overshadowed by Trump's attempts to organize a summit with North Korea in the coming days.

"There's never really been a fundamental question about commitment to the postwar global economic order", Thomas Wright, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, told reporters on a call about the summit. German Chancellor Angela Merkelsaid they were "illegal", while Trudeau said they were "insulting and totally unacceptable".

Tensions between the US and its allies have increased in recent weeks after a series of White House decisions have frustrated some of the United States' closest worldwide partners.

Financial markets around the world were battered by Trump's trade threats.

The summit is being held in a luxury resort in the French-speaking province of Quebec, more than two hours' drive away from the provincial capital which is where journalists and demonstrators have been largely restricted to.

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