Israeli forces kill 4 protesters in Gaza, Palestinian ministry says

Israeli forces kill 4 protesters in Gaza, Palestinian ministry says

Israeli forces kill 4 protesters in Gaza, Palestinian ministry says

The Association's vice president Rotem Kamer accused the Palestinian Football Association of "Football [soccer] terror". The answer is no, for several reasons.

"Conference calls on the UK Government to condemn actions that are illegal under worldwide law, including Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian land, to take an active role in implementing United Nations resolutions on the region and to lead global efforts to end the siege on Gaza". The shirt was accompanied with a message "Argentina don't go".

The Argentinean move, which featured on the front pages of all the major Israeli dailies, raised fears that it could serve as a template for future boycotts of Jerusalem, most notably next year's scheduled hosting of the popular Eurovision song contest. They refused to play in Jerusalem because Palestinians are "violent" and "threatening".

And then there is Rajoub himself. It said the Argentinian team responded to "creative campaigning" denouncing what it called Israel's "sports-washing of its crimes against Palestinians".

Here's a case of flawed reporting on the Israeli-Arab conflict from, of all cases, the sports section of the New. Rajoub said: "Values, morals and sport have secured a victory and a red card was raised at Israel through the cancellation of the game".

Israeli media said that late Tuesday Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Argentine President Mauricio Macri, with whom he has good relations, in an effort to save the match but that Macri had said he was unable to intervene. He had called on Arabs to burn Lionel Messi pictures and Messi T-shirts if he played the match.

"I think Messi and the rest of the Argentine team players respected their principles, and I thank them".

Israel was eagerly awaiting the sold-out global friendly scheduled for Saturday night at Jerusalem's Teddy Kollek Stadium and the arrival of some of the world's best players.

"In the end, they've done right thing, and this is behind us", Argentina striker Gonzalo Higuain told ESPN. There is no doubt, Jerusalem is the core of Israel Palestine conflict, Jews and Arabs are divided on religious lines, but world leaders like United States as mediators failed to introspect that religion could have been the road map to peace and reconciliation.

"We want our right of return, we want our right to our country, we want the right to Jerusalem", a young protester, his face wrapped in a kuffiyeh, told Middle East Eye on Friday.

Because the Argentinian decision wasn't about politics or BDS or hated of Israel.

Now, Argentina is a team that hasn't won the World Cup since 1986.

"Argentina is seven days from the World Cup". In other words, there is a huge amount at stake, literally and figuratively. The football match was to take place just days before the start of World Cup championship action in Russian Federation.

It is this aspect of the row that Miri Regev, as a professional politician, should have anticipated and understood.

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