Putin, Rouhani meet, declare continued cooperation in Syria

Putin, Rouhani meet, declare continued cooperation in Syria

Putin, Rouhani meet, declare continued cooperation in Syria

As U.S. President Donald Trump left the Group of Seven nations in turmoil this weekend, China's Xi Jinping and Russia's Vladimir Putin were putting on a very different show on the other side of the world.

"I believe it's necessary to stop this creative babbling and shift to concrete issues related to real cooperation", Putin told reporters on a visit to China, when asked to comment on a G7 joint statement.

Putin said he shares Trump's expression of concern about a renewed arms race expressed in a March phone call.

The Chinese president said the three countries should push the construction of the China-Mongolia-Russia economic corridor, actively explore cooperation in areas such as infrastructure interconnectivity, and promote sub-regional cooperation in adjacent areas of the three countries.

Putin said Russian Federation will honour its part of the deal, adding Moscow is still in favour of the "unconditional implementation" of the pact. He says he agrees with that, adding that a thorough discussion is needed to address the issue.

Donilon also criticized Trump for isolating the United States at a summit where it used to be the leader.

No matter how worldwide situations change, China and Russian Federation always firmly support each other in defending their respective core interests, deepen cooperation in all areas, jointly and actively participate in global governance, and play a pivotal role in establishing a new type of worldwide relations and building a community with a shared future for humanity, Xi said in his talks with Putin. Xi also stressed the importance of China and Russian Federation working ever closer together as both nations are permanent members of the UN Security Council and therefore must continue to coordinate at ever higher levels in order to establish protocols for peace at the highest levels of multiple worldwide institutions.

"China's "highest honor" is bestowed on foreigners who have made" outstanding contributions" to the country's modernization drive and helped maintain world peace, Xi said.

He continued, "One of those promises was to improve Russian-American relations".

Based on this logic, would it not actually make more sense for China, which has a larger economy than Russian Federation, to be included in the group?

"We are not going to live with the deals the way they are", Trump said.

Russia's President Vladimir Putin and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani met Saturday to discuss regional issues including both countries' involvement in the Syrian civil war and the United States withdrawal from a landmark nuclear deal with Iran.

Both leaders also issued a joint declaration pledging to preserve the global accord on Iran's nuclear programme which the USA withdrew from last month.

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