WONDER WOMAN 1984 - Steve Trevor Returns

WONDER WOMAN 1984 - Steve Trevor Returns

WONDER WOMAN 1984 - Steve Trevor Returns

As if that wasn't reference enough, Gal Gadot's image just underlines where we will see Diana next.

Wonder Woman 1984 is scheduled to be released in theaters November 1, 2019.

The film will be titled Wonder Woman 1984!

The fair assumption was that Trevor perished in the explosion, but this picture confirms he will feature in the sequel.

As the title suggests, the sequel will see a time-jump as Diana moves ahead from the events of the first film, which saw Diana in 1917 trying to end World War I by defeating Ares.

In a pleasant morning surprise, Warner Bros. has released the first Wonder Woman 2 images from the highly anticipated sequel, as filming on the follow-up is now underway. Latter used it to have Brett Ratner, who is accused of sexual harassment in the wake of Me Too movement in Hollywood, removed as producer from the movie. Where Steve was Diana's guide through a unusual and unfamiliar civilization in the first movie, Diana could serve the same role for him in the sequel.

Patty Jenkins, the director of both Wonder Woman movies, tweeted an image Wednesday of Steve staring bemused in what appears to be a shopping mall. An explanation for his return, given the events of the first film, is still unclear.

We've also got Diana standing in front of a large bank of TV screens, which is reminiscent of the scan line-laden, slightly distorted logo for the movie.

Seriously we need to know how this has even been made possible? "We look forward to working with the cast and crew of "Wonder Woman" this summer".

As things now stand though, Circe is not a part of Wonder Woman 1984 at all, which means that we're just going to have to play the guessing game for a while.

The film will see Kristen Wiig play villain Cheetah.

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