3 confirmed dead in powerful Osaka quake

3 confirmed dead in powerful Osaka quake

3 confirmed dead in powerful Osaka quake

Three people, including a nine-year old girl, died and others are believed to be trapped under rubble after a strong quake hit Japan's Osaka Prefecture.

Damage inside a home in Osaka, Japan, after the quake struck.

The Fire and Disaster Management Agency said 214 people were treated for injuries in hospital, a lot of them in Osaka - Japan's second city.

The nine-year-old girl died when she was knocked down by a concrete wall at her school, while a man in his 80s died when a concrete wall collapsed in Osaka city. Another man, 85, died from a falling bookshelf, while another 80-year-old passed away after being struck by part of a wall.

The Japan Meteorological Agency said the magnitude 6.1 quake struck just north of the country's second-largest city of Osaka around 8 a.m. local time, just as commuters were beginning the rush hour to work.

A powerful natural disaster that jolted northern Osaka Prefecture on June 18, leaving at least three dead and dozens injured, occurred near a major active fault zone, the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) said. The inland quake poses no tsunami risk.

The 6.1 magnitude natural disaster struck just before 8:00am (23:00 GMT) on Monday, knocking over walls and injuring at least 230 people.

Market reaction to the event was largely muted, with shares in some companies located in the region including Osaka Gas dropping, while Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co. and electrical contractor Kinden Corp. gained as the extent of damage from the quake remained unclear. No injuries have been reported.

Kansai Electric said on its website that around 170,000 homes in the Osaka region were briefly left without power.

KYODO Kyodo / Reuters The quake damaged a road in Takatsuki, Osaka. NHK said that the elderly man and the girl had been killed by collapsing walls.

About 850 people took shelter at community centers, school gymnasiums and other public facilities in Osaka.

Osaka is due to hold the G20 meeting in June 2019.

Train and subway service including the bullet train that links Osaka to Tokyo was stopped have been suspended to check for damage to equipment. It toppled book shelves in homes and scattered goods on shop floors. A strong quake shook the city, causing scattered damage including broken glass and partial building collapses.

Footage on national broadcaster NHK showed flooding from burst underground water pipes, train passengers forced to exit along train lines, and schoolchildren gathering outside in precautionary evacuations.

The Japan Meteorological Agency says a quake with preliminary magnitude of 5.9 struck Monday around 8 a.m. He said his wife ducked under a table and elevators in his office building were out of operation.

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