Trump embraces ND Republican, turns rhetoric on Heitkamp

Trump embraces ND Republican, turns rhetoric on Heitkamp

Trump embraces ND Republican, turns rhetoric on Heitkamp

Heitkamp says she also talked about global trade, oil prices and health care-related issues with the president.

The President also relished in his newfound opportunity to nominate a new Supreme Court Justice, claiming that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy purposelychose to retire during Trump's term "because he felt confident in [Trump] to make the right choice and carry on his great legacy".

But he says he's happy that House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters of California will remain the faces of the Democratic Party. "Heidi will vote no to any pick we make". After recruiting Rep. Kevin Cramer to run against incumbent Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp this fall, Donald Trump appeared to be more interested in promoting Heitkamp than Cramer.

"You need a senator who doesn't just talk like they're from North Dakota, but votes like they're from North Dakota", Trump told the audience.

Heitkamp's campaign confirmed to ABC News that the senator will not be in the state during President Trump's rally because the U.S. Senate is now in session.

Of his travel ban, which prohibits visitors and immigrants from five Muslim-majority countries, along with North Korea and Venezuela, Trump called it a "common-sense policy to improve vetting and national security".

"To keep this momentum going we need Kevin Cramer in the Senate", Trump said. But the president has seemed to have a warmer relationship with Heitkamp than other Democrats - he famously called her a "good woman" during his most recent North Dakota visit previous year. "Maybe because of this she'll be forced to vote yes".

President TrumpDonald John TrumpCrowley stunner tops huge night for left Trump congratulates Romney on primary win Judge orders Trump admin to begin reuniting immigrant families MORE offered a new label for his supporters at a campaign rally on Wednesday night, dubbing them the "super elite". He argued Heitkamp will vote against his pick, although she supported his first nominee, Neil Gorsuch.

"Frankly, they find this more exciting than the NFL", Trump said of his ratings.

Heitkamp, who said she didn't listen to the speech by Trump at Scheels Arena on Wednesday night before a raucous crowd of about 6,000 people, said she told Trump what she thought about a Supreme Court nominee.

"I think political speeches are political speeches", she said in a phone interview after the Fargo rally Wednesday, June 28.

Trump also spent several minutes defending his administration's hard-line stance on immigration, once again repeating his assertion that the Democrats want "open borders" as an alternative.

'A slovenly man named Joe Crowley got his ass kicked by a young woman who had a lot of energy, ' Trump said.

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