Trump fails to rule out accepting Russian claim on Crimea

Trump fails to rule out accepting Russian claim on Crimea

Trump fails to rule out accepting Russian claim on Crimea

The US President Donald trump called themes that they planned to discuss during the meeting with President of Russia Vladimir Putin on 16 July in Helsinki.

"Given the nature of the Russian system, I don't think we're going to find out until the two leaders get together". I'm concerned when the president tweets, you know, Russian Federation denies they meddled in our election.

Wallace brought up concerns from world leaders and said there's the impression Trump "seemed to be tougher on our allies at the G7 than he was on an adversary like Kim", and some leaders are anxious about what could happen if Trump criticizes North Atlantic Treaty Organisation this week and then "goes and praises Putin".

"The election meddling issue was definitely something we talked about", Bolton told the CBS "Face the Nation" program.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said at a Senate hearing last week Trump is sure to warn Putin that it is "completely unacceptable" to interfere in US elections. When they say they didn't meddle, they're lying.

When asked what Trump wants from the upcoming meeting with Putin, Bolton said "the president has very much in mind, he wants to understand the Russian position and perhaps more importantly he wants Vladimir Putin to understand our positions". "I think Iran is the strategic issue", Bolton said. This week, he tweeted: 'Russia continues to say they have nothing to do with meddling in our election.' And the Pentagon is reportedly studying pulling troops out of Germany.

Bolton also said he discussed Russia's annexation of Crimea with Putin and his aides during a 90-minute meeting.

Since Trump assumed presidency, the two leaders have held several phone conversations, including the latest one on March 20.

"So I'm glad the president is going to confront Putin".

The US intelligence community concluded in January 2017 that Russian Federation attempted to influence the November 8 elections and help then-candidate Trump to win against his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. The president also said he didn't see a problem with having good relationships with Russian Federation and China. "That's not the position of the United States".

Trump also suggested that scrapping sanctions on Russian Federation depended on its actions, including in Syria.

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