Of Course App Developers Can Read Your Email

Of Course App Developers Can Read Your Email

Of Course App Developers Can Read Your Email

Top tech companies are under pressure in the United States and Europe to do more to protect user privacy and be more transparent about any parties with access to people's data. Something else that's unclear is whether Gmail users are fully aware that individual employees may be reading their emails, as opposed to an automated system. Most internet users have more than one email address, including work emails and personal ones.

"As anyone who knows anything about software knows, humans program software - artificial intelligence comes directly from human intelligence", Return Path founder Matt Blumberg wrote, adding that the company takes "great care to limit who has access to the data, supervise all access to the data, deploying a Virtual Safety Room, where data can not leave this VSR and all data is destroyed after the work is completed".

You likely gave the "Signing in with Google" apps permission to access such data because you wanted to use your Google login to sign into your accounts with them instead of having to create separate user accounts and passwords.

Although Return Path declined to comment on details of the incident, it did say it sometimes lets employees see emails when fixing problems with its algorithms.

The revelation comes at a bad time for Google and Gmail, the world's largest email service with 1.4 billion users.

People most susceptible to email skimming are those who have subscribed to various online services.

One could say that users are responsible for granting access to their data. It may do some internal testing to make sure of this, as well.

The Journal highlights two companies that it says engages in this practice.

When Gmail first launched back in 2004, people were concerned about it because Google was scanning incoming messages in order to be able to present users with relevant, personalized adverts based on the email content.

Google indicated that the practice was not against its policies.

According to the Wall Street Journal, this permission sometimes allows employees of third-party apps to read users' emails.

But everyone who spoke to the Journal confirmed that the practice is specified in their user agreements and they have implemented strict rules for employees regarding the handling of email.

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