Georgia lawmaker resigns after appearance on ‘Who Is America?’

Georgia lawmaker resigns after appearance on ‘Who Is America?’

Georgia lawmaker resigns after appearance on ‘Who Is America?’

Spencer apparently bowed to the pressure to vacate within two days with Kaleb McMichen, a spokesperson for Ralston, telling CBS News that Spencer emailed the Georgia speaker of the house on Tuesday night stating, "I will be resigning my post effective July 31, 2018".

Borat and Bruno star Baron Cohen posed as Colonel Erran Morad - a former Israeli Mossad agent and counter-terrorism expert - when he convinced Mr Spencer, a gun-rights advocate, to take part in what was said to be an anti-terrorist training video.

Republican Jason Spencer, who campaigned strongly for a burka ban in 2016, appeared on the show under the pretence he would be helping film an Israeli counterterrorism video.

After shouting a racial slur multiple times, Cohen told him the "N-word" he'd been referring to was "Noonie".

He persuades Spencer to fend off an attacker by charging at him backwards? he shouts "USA!" and "America!"? with his bare bottom exposed. He issued an apology, saying: "I apologise to my family, friends, and the people of my district for this ridiculously ugly episode". He was due to lose his position later this year after being defeated by political newcomer Steven Sainz in the GOP primary elections in May.

Finally, Baron Cohen tells Spencer the best way to scare off a terrorist is to chase them with your buttocks, and they are scared of homosexuality.

Sacha Baron Cohen in Who Is America
Sacha Baron Cohen in Who Is America

But the calls for his resignation continued, and a spokesman for the Georgia House Speaker said he had handed in his resignation.

In Sunday's episode, Spencer - who thought he was participating in an anti-terrorism training - pulled down his trousers and repeatedly chased Cohen's character yelling "USA motherf-ker" as a means "to intimidate ISIS", according to Cohen's character.

Ralston said the legislator "disgraced himself and should resign immediately", The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

After his shocking appearance on Showtime's Who Is America?

Spencer initially refused to quit after the show aired on Sunday.

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