Trump campaign sues Omarosa for allegedly violating a nondisclosure agreement

Trump campaign sues Omarosa for allegedly violating a nondisclosure agreement

Trump campaign sues Omarosa for allegedly violating a nondisclosure agreement

Manigault Newman worked with Trump on his reality television show, "The Apprentice".

In her book, "Unhinged: An Insider's Account of the Trump White House", released Tuesday, Manigault Newman aims to settle countless scores, blasting Trump, depicting tensions inside the first family and mocking her former campaign and White House colleagues.

On Aug. 12, NBC News and other media aired a tape that Manigault Newman said she secretly made of Kelly firing her in December.

Trevor Noah noticed the vicious attacks coming from Trump and the White House, too.

He confirmed to me (before Hardball had even gone off the air) that he does NOT have an audio tape of President Trump using the "N-word" and has NEVER had an audio tape of President Trump using the "N-word".

He tweeted: "I don't have that word in my vocabulary, and never have".

"I wonder if he did this to people who got fired from 'The Apprentice, '" Noah said.

The proposed agreement also said her nondisclosure promise would last forever, even if the agreement and payments did not.

Noah: "We don't know what they use that room for in the Trump White House".

One of the people allegedly featured on the tape is Katrina Pierson, an adviser to Trump's re-election campaign who served as a spokeswoman for his 2016 campaign.

When asked if he felt betrayed by Omarosa by a New York Times reporter on Saturday, Trump called his former aide a "lowlife".

The former official launched a media frenzy amid the release of her book that paints the Trump administration in an unflattering light. Manigault Newman's railing against Trump as a "racist", "misogynist", and liar is entirely self-serving, no doubt - but that doesn't make it dishonest.

Her departure has highlighted the lack of diversity in senior roles at the White House, where only one black man - Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson - has a cabinet post.

In an unusual admission, Trump noted that the public sparring was perhaps beneath a person in his position, tweeting that he knew it was "not presidential" to take on "a lowlife like Omarosa". I wonder if he did this to people who got fired from 'The Apprentice.' If he also called them, he's like, "Hey Gary (Busey), I just saw last night's episode, what happened?!" She begged me for a job, tears in her eyes, I said Ok. "I would rarely see her but heard really bad things", Mr. Trump tweeted. She was the highest-ranking African-American on the White House staff.

Manigault-Newman did note that her source for the tape was "terrified" to come forward, and teased they could be holding onto to it for "politically motivated" reasons ahead of the midterm elections. I never came across any similar attempts in my time in Washington during President Bill Clinton's first term.

Lotter told Cheddar's J.D. Durkin that the White House has a strict no-phone rule in the building's most sensitive areas, and the Situation Room has lockers "right outside the door", where staffers are asked to leave their phones and other smart devices. For example, Trump's former personal aide John McEntee, who was removed from his job in April, went to the campaign. An agreement circulated in the White House a year ago barred signers from sharing any information they had learned in the building, according to several aides who signed the document.

It was not clear exactly what he was referring to.

The process, like much in the West Wing, was haphazard. "And as a result, I resigned", she said.

Trump's pushback comes after the reality TV villainess released another audio recording Monday as she promotes her new tell-all Unhinged.

"I took it all kind of at face value", she said. "Had I heard it while working in the White House, I would have left immediately". "That was one of the goals that I set out to and then get back to my life", she said.

"It is typical, and you know it, to sign an NDA in any place of work", Conway said.

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