Omarosa says President Trump calls Betsy DeVos 'Ditzy DeVos'

Omarosa says President Trump calls Betsy DeVos 'Ditzy DeVos'

Omarosa says President Trump calls Betsy DeVos 'Ditzy DeVos'

Manigault Newman, who rose to fame on "The Apprentice" and was sacked from her White House job in December, has garnered headlines for claims in her new book, "Unhinged: An Insider's Account of the Trump White House".

Manigault Newman continued to unleash scathing criticism of the 72-year-old Trump, saying he's in mental decline and unfit to be president, and is intentionally sowing racial division. I will not be intimidated.

First Lady Melania Trump urged her husband to "stay above" a public spat with Omarosa, the president told advisors, Axios reported Wednesday. "Good work by General (John) Kelly for quickly firing that dog!", Trump wrote on Twitter, referring to his chief of staff.

That slam follows a pattern of inflammatory language about women and minorities.

"Donald Trump now is at the point where he's so fragile and can not ever, ever be in any interaction, any exchange in any room that's just not pure lionization, canonization", Deutsch concluded.

"Alright, we're doing a TV show with you, but you're already engaged to Hercules", he told Inside Edition. In it, Manigault Newman describes the recorded conversation as being a conference call held on October 11, 2016. When Omarosa Manigault Newman revealed that she had secretly recorded conversations in the Situation Room earlier this week, Souza posted a photo of Obama and his security team in one of the room's conference areas with the caption: "Telephones and other communication devices were not allowed in any of the three rooms". When he left office, the economy had 18.4 million black workers.

Donald Trump himself has unambiguously denied the existence of any such recording, and says Mark Burnett, who produced The Apprentice, called him yesterday to reassure him.

President Donald Trump called Omarosa Manigault Newman a low life and a dog in response to allegations she made against him.

Central to her argument that Trump is racist is her claim that she had heard an audiotape of him using the N-word.

Mrs Newman has said in interviews that she never signed an agreement when she began working in the White House but it's unclear if she did when she joined the Trump campaign.

Omarosa and Donald Trump have quite a unique history - before taking up her role in the White House, the 44-year-old was also a contestant on Donald Trump's reality show, The Apprentice.

"Oh, just said that word, didn't I?" "And the transcripts prove it", she said. "She lied on me", Ryan said.

Manigault-Newman has backed up some of her claims in the books with audio tapes. It's clear now that those rumors were always being circulated by Omarosa and her alone.

White House staffers "should be very worried" about Mueller's probe, she advised, claiming "they have been hiding things from the American people and are being very dishonest". The person insisted on anonymity to discuss the investigation.

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