Amazon Takes Away Prime Preorder Discount, Ad-Free Twitch Prime

Amazon Takes Away Prime Preorder Discount, Ad-Free Twitch Prime

Amazon Takes Away Prime Preorder Discount, Ad-Free Twitch Prime

Second, starting on August 28, Prime members will now get a $10 Amazon credit when pre-ordering select games on

It's also changing another attractive perk: Twitch Prime is doing away with a 20 percent discount on eligible game pre-orders and replacing them with a $10 credit that can be used on, according to an email it sent to customers. Not only that, Prime subscribers who pre-order $60 games, a typical price, end up saving about $2 less than they did with the previous policy. The discount was one of the cornerstone benefits for frequent gamers, as it amounted to a savings of $16.00 off video games priced at $79.99, meaning a Prime membership would essentially pay for itself after approximately five pre-orders.

Twitch has stated that ad-free viewing will still be possible with their Twitch Turbo subscription; which does not come with an associated Amazon Prime account. And before you think you can take advantage of this, the credit is canceled if you return the game. If you went with an annual subscription, you will lose ad-free viewing when you renew.

Some big changes are coming to gamers with Amazon Prime subscriptions.

This change will take effect on September 14, 2018 for new Twitch Prime members.

In a blog post published on Twitch's website, the company revealed that they would be rolling back their ad-free service. Like Amazon's movie and TV streaming service and two-day shipping, the benefits of Twitch Prime are all wrapped up within the same $59 per year subscription. With ads, the platform and game creators can get a cut. Instead, they can get a $10 store credit, but only if they pre-order from a select list of games - and they'll have to wait up to 35 days to get their discount code.

If you already have a game pre-ordered with the 20% discount, you'll still receive that discount even if the game ships after August 28.

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