Sacha Baron Cohen attempts to coax murder confession from O.J. Simpson

Sacha Baron Cohen attempts to coax murder confession from O.J. Simpson

Sacha Baron Cohen attempts to coax murder confession from O.J. Simpson

Sacha Baron Cohen's quest to answer the question of Who Is America? has come to an end.

The finale episode for "Who Is America?" did not exactly go off without a hitch; the much-anticipated Sarah Palin interview in which Cohen posed as a wounded veteran to get her attention was shelved following severe backlash.

Simpson was unaware he was being interviewed by the comedian, according to Entertainment Weekly, and instead believed he was sitting down with Gio Monaldo, a playboy and fashion photographer. As far as he knows, he's just murdered someone - and all he can manage to say afterward is, "I've never participated in someone's death".

"[My girlfriend is] gorgeous but sometimes I want to kill her", "Gio" says at one point.

Asked how he "got away with it", Simpson remarked, "Hey, hey, I didn't get away with nothing".

"I didn't get away with nothing", Simpson says.

O.J. Simpson's lawyer Malcolm P. LaVergne told ABC News on Monday that Simpson is actually a fan of Cohen's and has been for some time. You're not the O.J. the movie star. "You kill two silly people and suddenly you're O.J. the murderer".

This was the final episode of the series, but you can learn more by visiting the Who Is America? page at Frank, one of the few liberal politicians to have found themselves in Cohen's crosshairs, emphatically dismissed Ruddick's assertion that President Trump "is the greatest president that this country has ever seen".

At first, Cohen meets Simpson with a female he claims is his girlfriend.

While Simpson stood his ground and asserted that he "didn't kill nobody", thus rendering Cohen's prank somewhat fruitless, many other high profile figures were not so lucky. Said Monaldo: 'What I hate about the press is you make a tiny little slip, and that's all they remember you for.

Gio told Simpson that they have at least one thing in common: they're both "ladykillers". Host Robin Roberts even pointed out that Palin was inadvertently giving a show she hated free publicity.

"Well, first off she wasn't my wife, we had been divorced we had been separated for two years", Simpson explains.

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