California Net Neutrality Bill Heads to Governor’s Desk

California Net Neutrality Bill Heads to Governor’s Desk

California Net Neutrality Bill Heads to Governor’s Desk

It's expected that numerous largest ISP will file lawsuits, while California has also technically violated nationwide FCC rules put in place under current chairman Ajit Pai that say states can't make their own net neutrality laws.

California lawmakers on Friday sent to the governor for final approval strict "net neutrality" laws that would defy sweeping Federal Communications Commission rules that are seen as a boon for internet providers.

Internet-connected devices sold in California, such as thermostats, televisions, and security cameras, would need reasonable security features by January 2020 under two bills headed to Gov.

The bill stops Internet service providers from blocking or slowing down certain websites or "classes of applications", like video. The bill needs only Senate concurrence, or agreement with Assembly revisions, before heading to Brown's desk too - but that must happen by midnight on August 31, the final day of the legislative session. "Governor Brown should use his veto pen on this legislation, and Congress should step in to legislate and provide consumer protections that will resolve this issue once and for all". But it also goes further by snuffing paid interconnection deals and putting the kibosh on so-called "zero-rating" policies that exempt some traffic from data caps and other usage-based data policies.

Internet service providers echoed Pai's language about regulatory measures, calling California's bill "heavy-handed". "However, the legislation includes extreme provisions rejected by the Obama FCC in 2015 and could threaten the innovation and investment that are the backbone of California's economy". It gave California internet users the ability to know what information a company like Facebook or Google was collecting, and how it was being used and shared with third parties.

"President Trump didn't ruin the internet".

California would become the fourth state to pass its own net neutrality protections, but the largest and most consequential.

Telecom industry groups and lobbyists warned the bill would be challenged in federal court. The bill also tasks the state attorney general with evaluating potential evasion of the net neutrality rules on a case-by-case basis.

Lawmakers said internet service providers had already indicated to them that they would sue to overturn a net neutrality law.

The repeal came as a great win for internet providers.

The fight in California grew so intense that some state residents reported receiving robocalls warning that the legislation could lead to an increase in their internet bills. "We will fight with everything we have to defend it", Wiener said in a news conference. They call it a bailout of Pacific Gas & Electric company.

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