John McCain honored at US Capitol, lawmakers pay tribute to 'generational leader'

John McCain honored at US Capitol, lawmakers pay tribute to 'generational leader'

John McCain honored at US Capitol, lawmakers pay tribute to 'generational leader'

"I have had the dubious honor over the years of giving some eulogies for fine women and men that I admired, but this one is hard". Several presidents, including Abraham Lincoln, have also lain in state and McCain's casket will lie atop Lincoln's catafalque, a wooden structure that has been used in several ceremonies in past years. "Let's say there were times when some of his Senate colleagues attempted to form a support group of our own", he continued.

During his last term in the Senate, in which he has served since 1987, McCain directly challenged the Trump administration and his fellow Republicans on many issues, becoming the deciding vote against the repeal of Obamacare past year.

"He had America's fighting spirit", McConnell remembered. "We will miss the blessing of being in your presence". John McCain, R-Ariz., speaks at a rally in Tampa, Fla.

They were both "cock-eyed optimists", Biden said, and he would trust John with his life.

He said McCain "love basic values - fairness, honesty, dignity, respect".

Vice President Pence spoke next, and hailed the man his boss relished denigrating.

McCain's family asked before his death that President Donald Trump, who the senator had long feuded with, not attend his funeral services.

"He held fast to his faith in America through six decades of service. We'd talk about promise". "It's unforgiving. And it takes so much from those we love and the families that love them, that in order to survive we have to remember how they lived, not how they died". Following that, bipartisan leaders - McConnell and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Ryan and House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi - will present wreaths.

On Thursday, McCain's body was flown to Washington, where he will lie in state at the US Capitol on Friday. McCain's mother Roberta, 106, came to be with her son. In 2017, shortly after his brain cancer diagnosis, McCain returned to Washington DC, where he cast a crucial vote against a Republican-led effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act - one of Obama's signature policy achievements. Joe Lieberman and actor Warren Beatty were among those pausing at McCain's casket.

Pelosi and New York Rep. Joe Crowley escorted 87-year-old Republican Rep. Sam Johnson to McCain's casket.

Mr Raymond Gonzales, 70, a veteran of Vietnam and the first Gulf War in 1990, told The Straits Times that Mr McCain had helped him recover after Vietnam.

Touching on his own losses, of his first wife and daughter, who died in a vehicle accident in 1972, and his son Beau in 2015, he counseled the McCain family on how to soldier on through their grief, and compared loss to "being sucked into a black hole inside your chest".

More than 2,500 invited guests will file into the Washington National Cathedral on Saturday to pay their respects to Senator John McCain. He attended the United States Naval Academy from 1954 until 1958, training as a pilot.

Biden said the two men got to know each other while making overseas trips together. "We both lamented watching it change", he said.

Former Vice President Joe Biden and others provided a preview of the tributes to come.

The Economist/YouGov poll surveyed 1,500 adults for three days directly following McCain's passing last Saturday, and contains a margin of error of +/- 3 percentage points.

McCain meanwhile took a final swipe at Trump in a farewell message to the nation, delivered posthumously on Monday, warning not to "confuse our patriotism with tribal rivalries".

"I'm thankful that through these moments, the opportunity that we had to share our lives, and more importantly, our stories".

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