Google Chrome now shows search result answers in the omnibox by default

Google Chrome now shows search result answers in the omnibox by default

Google Chrome now shows search result answers in the omnibox by default

We're anticipating some major upgrades when Chrome OS 70 hits sometime in early October but in the meantime, the Chrome team over at Google is giving desktop and mobile users a reason to join in on the browser's 10th birthday.

Here's what's in the new update which includes a refreshed design, a revamped password manager and updated autofill.

"Today, in honor of Chrome's 10th birthday, we're launching several new features", Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, VP of Product Management at Google, stated in an announcement.

Similar to the improvements to the password manager, Google says that the browser is now smarter about filling in addresses, credit-card details, and other types of information. "Chrome will save it, and next time you sign in, it'll be there, on both your laptop and phone", said Google. One of Google's biggest focuses in 2017 has been their push to get all of the web encrypted through SSL. There's a history of vulnerabilities in the password managers built into web browsers, including Chrome. Google has also adjusted the color palette used.

Available now by updating to version 69, this new version of Chrome delivers change in areas that are increasingly important for today's users, that weren't as important a decade ago. That all changes with the release of version 69, targeted for September 4, which brings what Google calls its Material Design language to the web browser. There is also an avatar added to the upper right side near the menu which will allow the users to quickly access their account related details like passwords or payment info.

Google says the design change is aimed at making website icons easier to see which should help simplify things when navigating across lots of tabs. The unified search bar (aka the Omnibox) now shows some answers directly in the address bar, sparing you from opening a new tab just to check the weather or verify some celebrity trivia.

Don't like the new layout and design of the user interface in Google Chrome 69? As well as that, you can now set your favorite sites on the "new tab" page, and set a background image of your choice.

Circling back around to the New Tab Page, Chrome will now let you customize it by adding your own shortcuts and even adding your own wallpaper. The Omnibox will also enable you to search Google Drive in the near future.

This is a great addition as it will remove the requirement of installing an extension to perform this behavior, which many simply track your searchers or perform other unwanted behavior. Now, whenever you're prompted to create a password for an account, Chrome will be able to generate and save a secure one for you. Chrome will then save and sync this new complicated passwords on all your devices.

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