LeBron James Says in Kaepernick Reference: I Stand with Nike

LeBron James Says in Kaepernick Reference: I Stand with Nike

LeBron James Says in Kaepernick Reference: I Stand with Nike

While outspoken conservatives continue to rail against Nike and Kaepernick, many people from the world of sports, politics and entertainment have come out in support of the ad campaign, including the National Football League itself.

Kaepernick, who began a movement among athletes of kneeling during the national anthem, has been off the field for more than a year. He also called Kaepernick a damn good quarterback in an interview on WEEI.

On Tuesday afternoon, President Trump weighed in.

Multiple people shopping at Nike on Newbury Street and in Dorchester following the announcement said it either makes them support Nike more, or that the decision doesn't affect their spending whatsoever. Trump spoke with Vince Coglianese and Saagar Enjeti of the Daily Caller where he called Nike's ad a "terrible message".

"Just bought a pair of nikes yesterday not knowing about this, but NOW I will be returning them!"

Protesters burned Nike shoes and some consumers demanded a boycott after the footwear and apparel maker's unveiling of Kaepernick, while the company's shares fell on Tuesday, closing down 3.2 per cent.

When asked by a fan why Rich can't "disagree but still respect the same rights of others", Rich said that the discussion ended for him when Kaepernick compared "police to PIGS".

Trump noted that Nike is a tenant of his.

Closing his remarks, he said he stood "for anybody who believes in change".

"Well, I mean, he's done a lot for the African American community, and it's cost him a lot".

WBZ reached out to Nike Media Relations multiple times, but did not receive a response.

Williams tweeted that she's "especially proud to be a part of the Nike family today".

She added of his activism in general: "I think everyone has a choice to do what they choose to do". While some supported Kaepernick, stating that his protest did not disrespect the flag or the country, others joked on how people burning their Nike products made no difference to the company as they already purchased them.

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