BofAML: Apple iPhone prices will be higher than Street expects

BofAML: Apple iPhone prices will be higher than Street expects

BofAML: Apple iPhone prices will be higher than Street expects

But fresh information continues to emerge as we move closer to the event. Leveraging the faster processor, deeper Siri integration, and new version of iOS, called out by Bloomberg, the iPhone XS aims to be a powerhouse device for getting work done on the go. Analyst Ming-Ching Kuo, known for pretty accurate predictions regarding Apple devices, had even predicted that the bigger iPhone Xs Max will come with dual SIM support too. This new name applies to the upcoming 6.5-inch OLED phone. The concurrence is that the two premium OLED display-equipped iPhone XS and XS Plus will be joined by a more affordable LCD iPhone. the latter could generally be named the iPhone 8S, iPhone 9, iPhone X Plus or iPhone SE 2. Some of the most anticipated specifications are whether or not the next-generation iPhone will feature wireless charging and what the price tag for these future iPhones will be. Like all smartphones from China, a giant clone of the iPhone XS Plus has a dual cellular module. Historically, the "S" versions have focused on under-the-hood improvements with little external changes. With this Apple will also be breaching the $1000 mark for a base model iPhone. But it is going to ditch the "Plus" moniker this year. Another input is also that Apple will be dropping the "Plus" suffix with its phones.

9to5Mac last week shared exclusive photos and details regarding Apple's upcoming OLED iPhones, reportedly dubbed iPhone Xs. Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Prices Leaked Ahead of September 12 Launch Event.

How much will they cost?

Earlier reports revealed that the 6.1-inch iPhone will come with some funky colours. Alternatively, read on for a more in-depth investigation of the iPhone XS range as well as the cheaper LCD model. $1,058/Rs 75,981:) and the low-end LCD-based iPhone price will start with €799 (Forex value around $930/Rs 66,787).

Here's a not particularly well-kept secret for you: us tech sites keep a check on which iPhone-related keywords are trending. Macerkopf said two different sources quoted the same prices. From what it seems, Apple will be ditching the supposed iPhone 9 Plus this year, and instead would opt for the iPhone Xs.

The software experience will therefore be identical, aside from perhaps a few additional features on the iPhone XS and XS Plus models. The iPhone that probably would've been the iPhone XS Plus. It could also miss out on features like 3D Touch. All the iPhones coming later this month will be powered by the A12 chipset, which is produced by TSMC using its 7nm FinFET technology.

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