Missouri college drops Nike over new Kaepernick ad campaign

Missouri college drops Nike over new Kaepernick ad campaign

Missouri college drops Nike over new Kaepernick ad campaign

Kaepernick is the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback who inspired nationwide protests against police brutality by kneeling for the United States national anthem. I would love to see how they would protest Home Depot: 'The walls in my house must go!' And also, I'm not going to lie, those flaming Nikes makes me nearly want to pay more. The decision won the support of National Basketball Association star LeBron James - also a Nike athlete - who ended a speech Tuesday night by saying, "I stand with Nike, all day, every day", Bleacher Report writes. "Even if it means sacrificing everything" written across the photo.

"Everything that Nike's doing with Kaepernick is incredible", he said.

The Lakers star added: "I stand with anyone who believes in change".

The post came two days after Nike announced that the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback would star in its ads, marking 30 years of the "Just Do It" slogan.

I grew up in OR and was around @Nike my whole life.

Kaepernick, who has played in the NFL since 2016, filed a grievance against the league in October 2017, accusing owners of colluding to keep him off the field because of the protests.

Kaepernick narrates the spot but first physically appears midway through.

On Sept. 5, Nike unveiled a star-studded new "Dream Crazy" TV spot featuring Kaepernick, promoting the idea that "calling a dream insane isn't an insult; it's a compliment". After watching a video in which a particular Twitter user burned his Nike sneakers in protest of the company's association with Kaepernick, Gobert stepped in to call out the hypocrisy.

"Obviously Nike's very big in the industry, has some top athletes, so it was great to see, even with all the different dangers".

But the sports apparel giant has stood firm on its choice of Kaepernick, describing him as one of the most inspiring athletes of his generation.

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