Here are the three new iPhones which Apple will launch this week

Here are the three new iPhones which Apple will launch this week

Here are the three new iPhones which Apple will launch this week

Three days from now, the world - especially Apple die-hards - will be treated to the next batch of iPhones. It is expected that the 6.5-inch OLED iPhone will be called iPhone XS Plus and the 5.8-inch OLED iPhone will be called iPhone XS. It's a shame that the front of the phone isn't revealed in the photos, as I would've liked to see if the iPhone Xc shared the same notch design as iPhone X - something I still expect to be the case. The leaked iPhone 9 page from Apple's website shows all the colour variants of the iPhone 9, out of which the confirmed variants are the Space Grey, Red, Spicy Orange and Cobalt Blue.

A Romanian online retail site has launched pre-orders for Apple's upcoming iPhone handsets despite those devices having not yet been officially unveiled. It'll have a roughly 6.1-inch screen with LCD instead of newer OLED technology. But while much of this year's iPhones have already been leaked, there still seems to be some debate, not to mention consternation, about the names.

Last year, Apple put the iPhone X on sale in early November, nearly two months after it was unveiled.

The iPhone X's fancy features may soon be headed to the rest of Apple's smartphone line. While the "c" harkens back to the short-lived iPhone c, the basic iPhone 5-sized phones Apple offered in a variety of colors as a cheaper alternative to its flagships. Apple will also likely update the iPad Pros with faster processor, but else is unknown about the tablets. That would make it one of the largest mass-market phones ever sold and about an inch larger than the screen on the iPhone 8 Plus. Originally posted in Chinese, English language translators quickly skimmed the information for any and all pertinent details that may unearth some clues concerning Apple's plans for their North American launch. She thinks that iPhone unit growth may surprise investors to the upside in Apple's 2019 fiscal year. Definitely not the "affordable" iPhone X you may have been hoping for. While it will sport the same internals as the iPhone Xs, it will cut down on some areas to achieve its lower price tag. Among "suggested" names have been "iPhone X Plus", "iPhone XI" and "iPhone X2", but it's clear that the names are still a mystery.

While the iPhones will be the Wednesday's main attraction, Apple's growing smartwatch business will see stage time, too.

You might also be able to watch the launch using the very latest versions of Chrome or Firefox.

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