Tesla erupts in chaos after senior executives leave and Musk's online interview

Tesla erupts in chaos after senior executives leave and Musk's online interview

Tesla erupts in chaos after senior executives leave and Musk's online interview

He'll report directly to Musk, the CEO said in a note to employees. Neuralink may have something interesting to announce in a few months, Musk told Rogan. Because Musk's company SpaceX is contracted by the federal government, the Air Force is required to take the appearance on Rogan's podcast seriously. Musk later publicly apologized for those claims, but then later doubled down on them in an email to a Buzzfeed reporter.

Shortly after smoking in the video, Mr Musk looks at his phone and laughs, telling Rogan he is getting texts from friends asking why he is smoking weed during the interview.

The latest drop in Tesla's stock has caused Consumer Edge analyst James Albertine to call for the company to appoint another senior leader to support Elon Musk.

The billionaire entrepreneur addressed his tumultuous year in an emotional interview with The New York Times in August, in which he admitted he was experiencing the "most hard and painful year" of his career. But he did try to clarify his state of mind in hatching the plan - and the shortcomings of mind-altering.

"It seemed like better karma at $420 than at $419", Musk told the Times. "But I was not on weed, to be clear". Weed is not helpful for productivity.

Even though the plan to go private has been set aside, its repercussions continue.

On August 8, the SEC launched an investigation into Musk's tweet, and investors have launched at least two lawsuits, including one on Thursday, according to the AP.

However, Musk admitted that "the electric airplane isn't necessary right now", as he is focusing on other things, including the many issues he's dealing with at Tesla right now. He added that he "almost never" smoked marijuana. As of midday Friday, more than 1.5 million users had checked out his chat with Musk.

"The team, the skill set that have been phenomenal to create Tesla are not the ones we need for the next stage", said Houchois, who has a US$360 price target on the stock. She sits on the boards of four tech companies. Several analysts have argued the company needs to hire a chief operating officer to help management the company and bring stability to its day-to-day operations.

Tesla has long faced frequent executive turnover as the company faces intense pressure to succeed.

Musk has made Tesla's brand inseparable from his own image. Today also stands as Tesla VP of Comms Sarah O'Brien's last official day at the company.

If he is feeling any insecurity, it was not reflected in his webcast with Rogan.

He had previously argued it would be detrimental to the existence of humanity but conceded the future of artificial intelligence was now outside of human control.

"I don't think you'd necessarily want to be me", he said. "There's no point in being pessimistic".

"I mean it's legal, right?"

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