Indian Catholic nuns protest against bishop accused of rape in Kerala

Indian Catholic nuns protest against bishop accused of rape in Kerala

Indian Catholic nuns protest against bishop accused of rape in Kerala

According to The Indian Express, earlier in June, a fellow nun from Missionaries of Jesus in Kottayam filed a complaint against the Bishop accusing him of raping her repeatedly 13 times since the year 2014.

The statement consists of the same allegations that were raised by Franco Mulakkal against the complainant nun during evidence collection.

The nun has also petitioned the Vatican alleging that the bishop is using "political and money power" to bury the case. This comes on the same day when the police told the Kerala High Court that their preliminary investigations reveal that the bishop abused his position and raped the nun on multiple occasions.

On Saturday, in a protest organised by the joint Christian Council, the nuns and other protesters marched in protest to the High Court in Kochi, Kerala, holding placards and banners, UCAN news reports.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the Diocese of Jalandhar (where the accused bishop is posted) has questioned the nun's motives and has termed her complaint as vendetta. She says she was abused 13 times.

"I beg the Church authorities to kindly make a speedy enquiry about this case and remove Bishop Franco from his responsibilities as the spiritual leader of the diocese", the nun said.

He added that no other nun had filed evidence against the bishop and that there was not of yet any scientific evidence to substantiate the rape charges.

"We are not getting justice from the police, church authorities and the government". In a detailed and emotional seven-page letter dated September 8, 2018 - released to the media on Tuesday - the nun wondered whether the "Catholic Church has concern only for bishops and priests. We are ready to go to any extent for ensuring justice to our sister", a nun said addressing the protesters gathered here.

Meanwhile, refuting the claims made by the Kerala nun, the accused Bishop said that the allegations were not true.

"If I am found guilty, which I am not, I am likely to be punished.I will appear before police if I am summoned". "Your highness, I would like to ask: Will the Church authority -who stand to protect Bishop Franco and safeguard the dignity of the Church by hiding his wickedness- be able to give back what I have lost?" she asked in the letter.

The legislator's comments were also slammed by the NCW Chief Rekha Sharma who said that the incident was "shameful".

"At this moment, whatever is going on is not justifiable".

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