Amazon tipped to launch 8 Alexa smart home and auto gadgets

Amazon tipped to launch 8 Alexa smart home and auto gadgets

Amazon tipped to launch 8 Alexa smart home and auto gadgets

According to a CNBC report based on an internal document, Amazon is "doubling down" on Alexa and plans to release at least eight new voice-controlled hardware devices this year. Among those could be a microwave oven, a subwoofer, an amplifier, and an "in-car gadget".

CNBC reports that Amazon is expected to officially reveal the new devices at an event to be held later this month, with a microwave amongst the potential gadgets.

Amazon's voice-activated assistant Alexa has a significant presence in consumers' homes, thanks to the robust ecosystem of developers and manufacturers who are incorporating Alexa into their devices.

Amazon is already grabbing a certain share of the smart speaker market with a few Echo-branded devices.

However, Amazon's Alexa software has a wider range of skills on offer that enable it to link up with and control more third-party devices around the home. Garmin also has an Alexa-compatible dash cam that can be used in the auto.

Amazon could be planning to seriously beef up its line of Alexa-enabled devices. Of course, there are rumours that Amazon is also building robots for the home. The company acquired Ring, a smart doorbell maker that also makes Alexa-compatible devices, earlier this year.

Having its own home appliances also opens up a new sales channel for Amazon. And in its most recent earnings report, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos hinted at his ambition for making Alexa more widely used.

Basically, instead of relying on Bing and Wikipedia searches as before, Alexa will now use Getty's monumental library of 300 million "assets" to bring "best-in-class visuals to Echo users" whenever possible. Named E-tron SUV, the auto needs to be linked to your Amazon account after which you will be able to give voice commands to play music, get weather information, to-do list and nearly everything that you can do with an Echo speaker.

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