Back to the future: Sony to release 'classic' PlayStation

Back to the future: Sony to release 'classic' PlayStation

Back to the future: Sony to release 'classic' PlayStation

Sony has unveiled the PlayStation Classic, its new miniature console coming in time for Christmas.

According to a new blog post from Sony, the Japanese company is bringing back its original PlayStation console almost 25 years after its initial release as a miniature gaming device aptly called the PlayStation Classic.

Like its competitors, the PlayStation Classic will come in a smaller size, approximated to be 45 percent smaller than the original console.

Remakes of classic game consoles are trending right now. Including Wild Arms, Ridge Racer Type 4, Final Fantasy VII, Tekken 3, Jumping Flash, and other "legacy" titles set to be revealed soon, the PlayStation Classic will release on December 3 for $99.

Fans will be eagerly waiting to hear the rest of the pre-loaded games, likely hoping for titles such as Metal Gear Solid, Crash Bandicoot, Tomb Raider, and Spyro, among others. Players will also have to make do with wired controllers, but at least the package will come with two so you can jump on local multiplayer with a friend.

The PlayStation Classic will be available starting on December 3 for $99.99.

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If Nintendo's retro consoles, the NES Classic and SNES Classic, are any indication, the PlayStation Classic will be extremely popular.

What is included in the box with PlayStation Classic? The USB cable appears to be for power to the console; an AC adapter is sold separately.

The PlayStation Classic's release date is not insignificant.

In big news for gaming fans and those who live for a nostalgia trip, Sony have unveiled the PlayStation Classic, which is basically a rework of the PS1 that gave us so many memories back in the day.

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