Jet Airways, Vistara unbundle menu to slash ticket prices

Jet Airways, Vistara unbundle menu to slash ticket prices

Jet Airways, Vistara unbundle menu to slash ticket prices

In an unprecedented development in Indian aviation history, at least 30 passengers of the early Thursday morning Jet Airways flight suffered nasal and ear bleeding due to low cabin pressure after the cockpit crew reportedly failed to activate what is called a "bleed switch" before take-off. The incident was reported around 5.50 AM today.

During the climb, the Jet Airways crew forgot to activate the "bleed switch", following this, the air pressure in the cabin went down and oxygen masks got deployed.

Over 30 Passengers on board complained of bleeding nose and ears while five of the passengers were diagnosed with "mild conductive deafness" which is caused due to a change in air pressure.

The plane carrying 166 passengers landed back in Mumbai and those affected were given medical attention while alternative flights were arranged, Jet Airways said.

The crew has been taken off duty and Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau (AAIB) has started an investigation into the incident. "All guests were deplaned safely and taken to the terminal".

India's Ministry of Civil Aviation said in a tweet it had sought an "immediate report" from official agencies.

Narrating the incident, Darshak Hathi, a passenger said, "The flight landed at Mumbai airport after an hour and we were told that we will be shifted to a different flight".

Raj Sivakumar, senior vice-president for sales & distribution said the decision comes from the fact that guests, especially the millennials, wish to be empowered and exercise their right of choice and globally service models in the airlines' space change every day. "The flight's cockpit crew has been taken off scheduled duties pending investigation. This is an unfortunate incident".

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