Trump calls new U.S.-South Korea trade deal a historic milestone

Trump calls new U.S.-South Korea trade deal a historic milestone

Trump calls new U.S.-South Korea trade deal a historic milestone

Conservatives in South Korea and other critics have expressed concern that Moon's administration is letting down its guard too soon considering the North's track record of reneging on past agreements.

United Nations, United States: US President Donald Trump said Monday he expected to meet again soon with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, saying he saw "tremendous progress" in easing tensions.

Trump's remarks marked a sharp shift since a year ago, when he used his maiden speech at the United Nations to warn North Korea over its nuclear program and said Kim was on a "suicide mission".

Shortly after Moon's North Korea trip, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he has invited his North Korean counterpart to NY for talks.

Nuclear experts are more sceptical over what North Korea has offered in terms of disarmament. Moon, 65, a former human rights attorney, has sent clear signals that Seoul is moving forward with improving relations with the North despite slow progress on the nuclear front.

General Assembly in NY this week, adding that declaring a formal end to the Korean War may be a way to provide some security assurance to the North. Ri is scheduled to deliver his address on Saturday.

"It doesn't appear that the Moon Jae-in summit did much more than continue a kind of atmosphere and pageantry leading into President Trump's next summit", said Mike Green, an analyst at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Scores of world leaders, even those representing America's closest friends, remain wary of Trump.

Earlier this month, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats told a conference in Washington that the US intelligence assessment of North Korea's nuclear intentions had not changed despite some symbolic steps by Pyongyang in early June to destroy the entrances to some nuclear testing tunnels and to start dismantling some other equipment.

He said: "It's always been surprising to me that more things aren't resolved, because you have all of these countries getting together in one location but it doesn't seem to get there".

"I think the only way you really get to nuclear use on the peninsula is not the North surprise-attacking anyone or the US surprise attacking the North, it's more from something ... that has the risk of spiraling out of control", Gomez said.

He said the new trade agreement, which still needs approval by South Korea's parliament, was a sign of the strong partnership between the US and South Korea. US officials are insisting that economic sanctions remain in place against the North until it eliminates its nuclear program.

President Trump is at the United Nations for his second general assembly meeting with world leaders since taking office and has participated in a counter-narcotics event.

Trump's address to the General Assembly comes Tuesday, and on Wednesday he will for the first time chair the Security Council, with the stated topic of non-proliferation of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. USA officials said Trump is not seeking a meeting with the Iranian leader, but is not opposed to talking if Iran requests a session. "Shoring up their ties on diplomatic issues with North Korea and on the bilateral economic level". The next round of tough sanctions on Iran is set to go into effect in November.

Trump was elected promising to address USA opioid addiction.

Trump also praised Egypt for doing an "outstanding job" in the fight against terrorism. Britain and France are actively planning a military response should Assad use chemical weapons again, according to US officials. "This is one year later, a very different time". -South Korea free-trade agreement Monday in NY.

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