Google Images mobile gets a few important new features

Google Images mobile gets a few important new features

Google Images mobile gets a few important new features

American Corporation Google has announced a change in the search engine. When did you do it? Devoted to its journey of twenty-long years, Google Doodle celebrates with one of its finest videos. Each activity card will display related search queries and all the pages you previously visited that were related to the topic.

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Another innovation will be the history on the type of Instagram that Google will give search results.

There have been concerns that parent company Alphabet is more interested in making money from people's data than in safeguarding their privacy. The changes will be rolled out on a gradual basis. And that is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning stepped in.

The Google Search page has changed a little over 20 years, but not much. You'll still get a list of news and other content chosen for you based on your browsing habits.

Google Maps are widely used by nearly everyone in the urban areas for navigation.

But then, with great power comes great responsibility and Google must be aware of it. It is also doubling down on visual stories in mobile. Google Images will get its new look on desktop computers starting this Thursday. Think of the times you are typing in a question in the search bar and about 10 prompts crop up?

Image Search is improved with a new ranking algorithm to help ensure image results are relevant.

Google is among the tech companies being called upon to better guard against the spread of misinformation - and has also been a target of US President Donald Trump, who added his voice to a chorus of Republicans who contend conservative viewpoints are downplayed in search results. Instead of showing the results within a set of predetermined category, it may soon show you the subtopics that are most relevant to what you're searching for.

At present, Google is now available in more than 150 language in over 190 countries and has grown bigger over the years.

All to make searches easier. But when you try to dig out a site you've searched for previously, it can be a chore: You'll have to manually enter terms in the search box and try to remember which pages led you where. Lastly, Discover will not only be in the Google app. In addition to the new look, Google is also promising better discovery of content within Discover. Besides giving you the information you need about flood-affected areas, Google has its own predictions and issuing related alerts - this can help immensely with evacuation and potentially save lives.

Google has also announced that it is now preparing for the next 20 years of searches to be equipped with several new features that focus on visual optimizations such as the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

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