Ukraine has started sales of the new iPhone: released

Ukraine has started sales of the new iPhone: released

Ukraine has started sales of the new iPhone: released

But over the past couple of days, users have been reporting charging issues with their brand new devices.

One unboxing video showed that five of the other six (two iPhone XS, three iPhone XS Max) refused to charge until their screens were woken up, while one iPhone XS Max refused to charge under any circumstances and froze for several minutes when the charger was inserted.

Most of us still look at Apple like owning a Ferrari but those who are in the Apple ecosystem for years know how it feels to own an iPhone and the experience is matchless.

What good is flashing an iPhone XS if you're charging on the frayed cable you used with your 7? Some users, however, said that they had to both wake the phone and disconnect and reconnect the Lightning cable to get it to work. The most recent development states that some of the new phones are not charging automatically even when plugged into a power source, and require some sort of manual input from the user to initiate charging. "Beautygate", the iPhone XS Max's front-facing selfie camera has been accused of producing pictures with noticeably removed skin blemishes. "So there's something to do with the sleep mode or the idle mode that for some reason is blocking the charge current from coming through, or at least the battery from receiving the charge".

"Starting with iOS 11.4.1, if you use USB accessories with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, or if you connect your device to a Mac or PC, you might need to unlock your device for it to recognise and use the accessory".

But one poster from Apple support communities reports that Apple's tech team is aware of the issue.

The iOS 12 software is another key part in the iPhone XS. People affected by this problem show that the iPhone is working correctly with a wireless charger.

Whether there is a problem with hardware or software is unknown. What should happen is the display lights up and indicates the battery is being charged. Also, a solution to this major issue requires a lot of time. Customers will be able to pre-order the iPhone XR on Friday October 16th, with official shipping and release date on October 23, 2018.

Just like the iPhone X (and we will try to resist the temptation to use that sentence opener), the front of the iPhone XS is nearly all covered with the display, paired with the (in) famous notch.

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