Why it's important to understand mental health

Why it's important to understand mental health

Why it's important to understand mental health

Sure, it's a day that's part of a month that also strives to recognise the many conditions and illnesses that people are struggling with, but once the clock hits 12 tonight, the tweets of support, the infographics, and the Instagram Stories will, for the most part, stop.

More than a fifth (22%) of employees went into work when feeling mentally unwell previous year, according to research by Canada Life Group Insurance.

About one in five young people experiences mental health problems; half of all mental health conditions start by the age of 14 but most cases are undetected and untreated, according to the United Nations chief. This time is said to be the best time to spread awareness about mental health disorders.

While addressing Parliament earlier this year, Professor Melvyn Freeman, chief director of non-communicable diseases at the Department of Health, said it was important to recognise the need for care in mental health.

"Harmful use of alcohol and illicit drugs among adolescents is a major issue in many countries and can lead to risky behaviour such as unsafe sex or dangerous driving".

This makes mental illness one of the most prevalent illnesses known to man. "I have struggled for a long time, both being public and not public about my mental health issues or my mental illness". We aim to tackle this by encouraging people to view as broken down into five themes of "Be Active", "Connect", "Take Notice", "Keep Learning" and "Give".

The stigma attached to mental health disorders is gradually on the wane, thanks to growing awareness, and visiting a psychiatrist for clinical help is on the rise, claim health experts. "If we wait until people are adults we have waited too long", she said. "I think it's important for us to recognize that and reach out".

Meanwhile Lady Gaga's own Born This Way Foundation, which was founded in 2012, empowers youth by creating a safe space for positive dialogue around mental health and LGBTQ+ communities.

"The doctors are trained to recognise mental health issues and are assisted by EIS sports psychologists and performance lifestyle advisers. If you have children knowing what those signs are". It added, recovery-oriented community mental health services are inaccessible to the overwhelming majority of the global population, and inpatient care, including emergency care and long-term social care, is dominated by large institutions or prisons.

"Pets are non-judgmental, are generally always happy to see and spend time with us, and make us feel needed, and so it comes as no surprise that they can have an impact on our wellbeing".

Chance the Rapper offered some words of advice and compassion about mental illness Wednesday, which was designated as World Mental Health Day by the World Federation for Mental Health.

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