Kanye West Delivers Impromptu 'Keynote' Speech at Apple Store

Kanye West Delivers Impromptu 'Keynote' Speech at Apple Store

Kanye West Delivers Impromptu 'Keynote' Speech at Apple Store

Hours after visiting his "brother" Donald Trump in the Oval Office on Thursday and launching into a 10-minute soliloquy about his wholehearted support for the president, Kanye West was spotted at an Apple Store, where he jumped on top of a wooden table to deliver an impromptu "keynote" speech.

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"I think the angle he's seeing things from is about the division that he sees. Kanye's mother is rolling over in her grave", he continued.

The pair have met quite a few times before and must know each other pretty well by now because who else gets to walk over to the president of the United States just to give him a hug? Jenkins said that Kanye cut out the "again" part because it "hurts black people".

As West rambled in front of the president, Kimmel joked: "Now he knows how we feel every morning when we wake up to him". West's wife Kim Kardashian West previously visited the White House to discuss the case of 63-year-old Alice Marie Johnson, who was serving a life sentence for a non-violent drug conviction.

National Football League legend Herschel Walker has publicly called for Lemon's firing from the network, and Candace Owens, a conservative commentator and director of communications for Turning Point USA, called the segment "racist" and "despicable" in an interview Wednesday night on Fox News' "The Ingraham Angle".

After West rambled on over several different topics, including manufacturing, the 13th Amendment and Saturday Night Live, Trump called him a special person to close out the meeting. "Get away from the Democrats, they've done nothing", Trump said.

Regarding the 13th Amendment, which West has been criticized for saying should be abolished, he said, "Why would you keep something around that's a trap door?" I think quite frankly what's embarrassing is the condescension you've shown to Kanye West, someone who I think is a fearless, independent thinker, a creative genius.

Asked if West could be a future presidential candidate, Trump said, "Could very well be".

Unable to confine the musical artist to a stereotype, they have taken to going after him with petty and offensive insults.

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