Trump dubs Steyer, bomb plot target, a ‘lunatic’

Trump dubs Steyer, bomb plot target, a ‘lunatic’

Trump dubs Steyer, bomb plot target, a ‘lunatic’

Sayoc was formally charged with sending 13 such devices, and a law enforcement official said he is likely to be charged with sending a 14th device to Mr Tom Steyer, a major Democratic donor.

"A senior law enforcement official said Sayoc had a list of people in the hundreds, containing politicians, entertainers and news people, and was going down that list to mail out packages", the report added. "They have a major role to play as far as tone", Trump said, as the crowd booed and chanted "CNN sucks!" With that, the authorities began zeroing in on Sayoc last Thursday. He was arrested outside a Florida mall. Authorities said Friday a fingerprint from the Waters mailing was key in identifying the subject. The newspaper appears to suggest, without saying outright, that Trump's criticism of his opponents fueled Sayoc's mail-bombing spree.

The lawyer said Sayoc was a bodybuilder then, and displayed no political leanings except for plastering a vehicle he owned with Native American signs.

The envelopes, addressed to Democrats such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and intercepted from DE to California, held vital evidence investigators said they used to arrest Sayoc on Friday outside of Miami.

Sayoc, 56, was identified after officers found a fingerprint on one of the packages, Federal Bureau of Investigation director Christopher Wray said.

Sayoc was also known to frequent Trump rallies, so it should come as little surprise that Michael Moore turned up footage of the so-called MAGABomber while filming his 2016 presidential election documentary Fahrenheit 11/9, now in theaters.

Sayoc, who reportedly lives in Aventura, Fla. also had a telling history of lobbing threats on Twitter; but even when those threats were reported, Twitter inexplicably failed to act.

"Never in a million years did I think this would play out", she said. They declined to comment until after the hearing.

A Facebook profile that appeared to belong to Sayoc featured videos and photos of him at multiple Trump rallies, including at least one in Florida.

On his LinkedIn account, Sayoc described himself as a choreographer and booking agent for male strippers and burlesque shows.

A federal criminal complaint spells out his contempt for this week's many bomb targets, noting that Sayoc's van was slathered with images and slogans often found on fringe right-wing social media accounts.

The attorney was tapped by Sayoc's family because he has represented Sayoc multiple times in the past, including a 2002 arrest for threatening to blow up Florida Power & Light, saying "it would be worse than September 11".

Fiori said within minutes he heard a small explosion, probably a device police use to distract people.

"In terms of interpreting what he said, that seems, to me, like a straight-up anti-Semitic move", he said.

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