Kabul attack on election workers kills 1

Kabul attack on election workers kills 1

Kabul attack on election workers kills 1

Two other police officers as well as four election workers were those injured in Monday's attack. The Afghan elections have been rocked by repeated Taliban and Islamic State attacks.

No security incidents were reported Saturday in Kandahar, according to Zabiullah Sadat, deputy spokesman for Afghan Independence Election Commission.

IEC figures show roughly 4.2 million out of the almost nine million people registered to vote actually cast a ballot.

There are 112 candidates, of whom 12% are women, for Kandahar's 11 parliamentary seats, the IEC said.

"People are frustrated and waiting for hours in long lines", said Gulalai who voted at a polling station set up in a Kandahar city school.

More than half a million people were registered to vote across the province, according to the IEC's media relations office, with women making up roughly 1 in 8 registered voters.Turnout figures have not yet been released.

Hundreds were killed or wounded in scores of attacks in the lead up to the 20 October vote.

The IEC is scheduled to release preliminary results on 10 November. "Doubtless that a number of candidates wanted to use these people for their own benefit in the elections", said Danish.

Last weekend's countrywide voting in Afghanistan's first parliamentary elections in eight years suffered from violence and chaos, with multiple attacks killing more than 50 people in two days of voting. Security is so inadequate in central Ghazni province that voting had to be delayed until next year.

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