Amazon May Split HQ2 Location Between 2 Cities

Amazon May Split HQ2 Location Between 2 Cities

Amazon May Split HQ2 Location Between 2 Cities

And now it ends up Amazon may decide on creating an HQ2 and HQ3.

With just weeks left until its self-imposed deadline of year-end, Amazon is close to selecting two different cities for additional North American headquarters.

More than a year after Amazon announced that it was searching for a second headquarters, the company has made a decision to split the new offices between two cities, according to a person familiar with Amazon's thinking who was not authorized to speak publicly.

Amazon's headquarters is in Seattle, where the company's "urban campus" is woven into the fabric of the city.

The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday talks are still active in 20 cities, including Denver, Toronto, Atlanta, Nashville, Tenn., and Raleigh, N.C.

The pivot sparked snark from reporters and spectators who have spent more than a year speculating on what an influx of 50,000 high-paid tech workers would mean for the winning city.

Amazon's plans, the Journal reported, would place about 25,000 workers in each city, a move created to give the company a greater ability to attract talented workers. Two HQ2 projects also ensure that Seattle remains Amazon's unequalled headquarters. Amazon employs thousands at its smaller offices. Two of the biggest known packages include Montgomery County, Maryland, which offered $8.5 billion in incentives, and Newark, New Jersey, which offered $7 billion. While one report this weekend had Crystal City, Virginia, as the spot, another came back over the top to add Dallas and New York City to the short list. The company declined to comment on the Wall Street Journal's story. "HQ2 and HQ2.1? Or HQ2A and HQ2B?"

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