Trump warns of 'fragile' victories in final midterm sprint

Trump warns of 'fragile' victories in final midterm sprint

Trump warns of 'fragile' victories in final midterm sprint

But he drew attention to how Republicans are ending their campaign.

Over all, while the conditions for a Democratic takeover have been laid - in one survey of competitive House races, 50 per cent of likely voters support the Democrats, with 46 supporting the Republicans - there are no certainties, especially in the wake of the failure of pollsters to identify the Trump surge that carried the Manhattan billionaire to the White House two years ago.

As a result, Bloomberg's team poured money into otherwise overlooked suburban districts in states like Georgia, Washington state and Oklahoma because data revealed voters there were better-educated. Thousands and thousands of Central Americans marching toward the U.S. -Mexico border intent on entering America has also been a big loser for the party, which asserts their right to enter. But we should still be able to track his influence by seeing where Trump-like candidates do best - and also where moderate Republicans are losing ground.

"The character of our country's on the ballot", he said.

Faced with low Republican enthusiasm, Trump calculated that immigration would again be an animating issue for his base.

Trump is telling the caravans to turn back and insisting they will not be allowed in.

Opinion polls and election forecasters favor Democrats to pick up the minimum of 23 seats they need on Tuesday to capture a majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, which would enable them to stymie Trump's legislative agenda and investigate his administration.

Hurl noted numerous criticisms of global trade come from within the Democratic Party, but also said he thinks the USMCA deal is "relatively safe" regardless of Tuesday's outcome.

Trump was joined by former University of Georgia football coach Vincent Dooley, who thanked the president for keeping his promises.

In the battle for the Senate, Democrats are defending seats in 10 states that Trump won in the 2016 presidential election, including a handful that he won by double digits.

I think we have greater and greater chance of keeping the House", Spicer told Fox News' "Fox and Friends", adding that it is also time to put more Republicans in the Senate to "help President (Donald) Trump change America. Top congressional Democrats are throwing cold water on moving to impeachment quickly, but they say if there is evidence that emerges from the special counsel's probe of any wrongdoing, they don't rule out Judiciary Committee action.

"Trump is just so baked into the equation", said one Democratic strategist working on House of Representatives campaigns, who asked to remain anonymous so he could freely discuss the party's thinking.

In prepared remarks for a speech Sunday at an interfaith prayer lunch in Chattanooga, Bredesen said Trump will "have plenty of derogatory things to say about me".

He says, "We should vote people in and out, not shout them in and out". It wouldn't necessarily be a resounding affirmation of Trump - these are only red states the GOP would be winning - but it would lead to some real, justified soul-searching.

"I'm voting for Donald Trump", Stuart Kanter said. "If it's bad for Tennessee, I need to oppose him". Instead, it highlights those places where Trump outperformed his predecessor, Mitt Romney - and in that way it shows where Trump's right-populist message proved more effective than the old Republican rallying cry.

"I would say that the vote in Texas is sort of the race that will tell us the most about what the future of American politics will look like", Hurl said. Almost half of GOP state representatives and a quarter of Senate Republicans won't be returning to the Capitol.

The Democrats rolled out their biggest gun in the final days of the campaign: former president Barack Obama, who on Sunday made a last-ditch appeal for an endangered Senate Democrat in Indiana.

He plans to spend Election Day conducting get-out-the-vote interviews with local media at the White House, where he is set to watch returns come in.

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