Republican Ron DeSantis Elected Florida Governor, Beats Andrew Gillum

Republican Ron DeSantis Elected Florida Governor, Beats Andrew Gillum

Republican Ron DeSantis Elected Florida Governor, Beats Andrew Gillum

As has become typical in Florida gubernatorial and presidential races in recent years, the final margin is likely to be about 1 percentage point, with DeSantis clinging to a margin of less than 100,000 votes out of almost 8 million cast.

Hill believes her high-profile status put her at odds with supporters of Gillum's opponent, Ron DeSantis and President Donald Trump.

Democrats picked up governorships in Kansas and at least three other USA states on Tuesday but failed to win high-profile races in Florida and OH, as voters cast ballots in three dozen gubernatorial contests across the country. Bill Nelson in his Senate race against Gov. Rick Scott.

If Gillum wins, he will be the first Democratic governor elected by Floridians in 20 years. "This shows the new wave of Republican leadership in our country".

The difference was almost even between the Republican and Democratic candidates.

Republicans, meanwhile, were eyeing a potential pickup in CT, traditionally a Democratic state, though Oregon Governor Kate Brown appeared set to prevail in what had been seen as a competitive race.

In Florida, an automatic recount of all votes is triggered when there's a lead of less than one half of a percentage.

The Democrats succeeded at the first part and, thanks largely to President Donald Trump, wound up sorely disappointed in the second.

The Miami Herald reported that he won Florida by about 56,000 votes.

But in Wisconsin, Democrat Tony Evers pulled off a narrow win in unseating Republican incumbent Scott Walker, according to data provider DDHQ.

"In less than one week, Americans will go to the polls in one of the most important elections of their lives", Trump said at the rally, before qualifying that this election was "not as important as 2016". Sumpter County is home to The Villages, an enormous retirement community that overwhelmingly votes Republican.

South Florida turnout, meanwhile, came in around 57 percent.

"They turned out vote very, very well". "We may not have all shown up in the way that we thought and hoped that we would. Now we can all get back to work and get things done!" "It's more execution than it is a grand strategy".

But Gillum, who is just 39, vowed to remain involved in politics.

Gillum had pulled off an upset in the Democratic primary, winning the nomination after consistently polling in third for most of that race, but he was unable to carry that same momentum into the general election. Miller made a decision to vote on Election Day, when she said she could see the races on that ballot.

But the Democrats were trailing in redder areas of the state. "We didn't win this transaction", he told his supporters. That could potentially add 1.4 million people to the voter rolls. Unfortunately, Florida residents hadn't actually voted yet, leading viewers to speculate about what exactly was going on at the network.

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