Mexico Will Not Use Military Force to Deal With Influx of Migrants

Mexico Will Not Use Military Force to Deal With Influx of Migrants

Mexico Will Not Use Military Force to Deal With Influx of Migrants

The migrants' arrival has been met by some opposition from people in Tijuana, where many shelters were already at capacity, and on the USA side of the border by increased security measures that include members of the military deployed there by President Donald Trump. Around 2,000 migrants have agreed to return to their countries of origin with the help of the Mexican authorities. "Fumes were carried by the wind toward people who were hundreds of feet away".

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer said it is critical for leaders on both sides of the border to work together to "safely resolve the migrant crisis". More police carrying plastic riot shields were on the other side, but migrants walked along the river to an area where only an earthen levee and concertina wire separated them from U.S. Border Patrol agents.

More than 5,000 migrants and refugees have gathered in Tijuana in the past week with the hope of entering the US.

"Mexico should move the flag waving Migrants, many of whom are stone cold criminals, back to their countries", Trump tweeted. They erected metal barriers on the roads and sidewalks leading to the main border crossing for cars and trucks.

Trump signed a proclamation earlier this month to prevent anyone filing asylum claims except at legal ports of entry, but a federal judge in San Francisco temporarily blocked the order, pointing to "irreconcilable conflicts" with immigration law.

According to the ministry, no casualties have been registered among migrants following their attempt to illegally enter the United States, and the situation at the border is under control.

Trump has deployed military forces to the border to support the Border Patrol and threatened on Saturday to close the entire southern border.

In order to enter the USA legally, migrants must apply for asylum, but the process can last for up to a year.

Video footage and photos of the incident shows migrants, including small children, running away from the border as tear gas fills the air behind them.

"People had thought that they were going to open the gates, but that was a lie", Caballero said. "Congress, fund the WALL!"

Late Sunday evening, hundreds of illegal aliens attempted to rush the United States-Mexico border, something they talked about a few days ago.

Trump also took to Twitter on Sunday to express his displeasure with the caravans.

Mexico's Interior Ministry said Sunday the country has sent 11,000 Central Americans back to their countries of origin since October 19, when the first caravan entered the country.

About 5,000 people - a lot of them from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador - have gathered in Tijuana after traveling in caravans in search of asylum to escape poverty and violence in their homelands, and many are expressing frustration at long wait times for their cases to be heard.

Mexico is on track to send a total of around 100,000 Central Americans back home by the end of this year.

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