Big Ten championship has huge implications for Ohio State

Big Ten championship has huge implications for Ohio State

Big Ten championship has huge implications for Ohio State

With this loss, Brady also lost a bet to Ohio State alumnus and New England Patriots teammate Nate Ebner.

That Michigan lost to Ohio State is not what is so head-scratching.

The 62-39 loss cost MI a trip to the Big Ten Championship and College Football Playoff, and Penn State fans made sure to remind the world of Franklin's lasting legacy - as if their team hadn't just been humiliated by Harbaugh earlier this month.

No. 21 Northwestern started 1-3, losing early season games to Duke, Akron and MI. Heck, since Tom Brady entered the National Football League in 2000, the Wolverines have only won three times. Based on the results of the Maryland game, however, one could argue that maybe the Buckeyes were looking ahead to the Wolverines.

"I was pretty calm going into that situation", Haskins said as he prepared to face MI for the first time as a starter today. But the Wildcats swept every other Big Ten West team and clinched a berth in the title game with two games left. That was pretty crappy to watch. Oklahoma moved up from No. 6 to No. 5 while Ohio State jumped from No. 10 to No. 6.

The drama was about OU and Ohio State, and the committee ruled with OU's "historic" offense as to why the Sooners have the nod.

"The Fighting Irish defense has been built around an elite defensive line that can get after the quarterback, and both the Buckeyes and Sooners have elite quarterbacks".

After the game, Brady took to Instagram to exasperatedly joke about the team's Saturday loss in Buckeye fan LeBron James' comments. "I feel like I never win any of these bets". TCU, at 10-1, beat Iowa State 55-3.

MI has had a solid season. "It's what we wanted, though, for it to be us versus Ohio State in a game to go to the Big Ten championship and keep our playoff hopes alive".

"Yeah, that is the big one". But we haven't been close. "Maybe past year we were a little closer, but still 60-something points, that was tough to swallow". But still, 60 some-odd points, that was a tough one. "We've got to regroup and put together that position". "That will be a good consolation". That's the most MI has ever allowed in regulation against any opponent ever, let alone Ohio State.

"It's weakness", Brady said.

Brady knows it's probably best at this points to stop making the bets, but just can't let it go. "I have to accept the bet".

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