Early Christmas for Trump: Pelosi Nominated as Speaker | Trending

Early Christmas for Trump: Pelosi Nominated as Speaker | Trending

Early Christmas for Trump: Pelosi Nominated as Speaker | Trending

Pelosi still needs to win a majority of votes in front of the full House in January, when the new Congress is sworn in, in order to become speaker.

"I'm proud to be the nominee of the House Democratic caucus once again for speaker of the House", she said. Now according to the Connecticut Democrat, Pelosi is the only one who has asked her for support.

"We had two outstanding people run to be caucus chair, and it was a very close vote, and I think Hakeem will rise to the challenge", Representative Cheri Bustos of IL said. "So I'm prepared to support Nancy Pelosi in caucus tomorrow when votes are cast".

I served in the California State Assembly during her prior tenure as Speaker, and watched with great admiration as she worked with House climate champions to pass the landmark American Clean Energy and Security Act, a comprehensive bill to create clean energy jobs, combat climate change, and transition America to a clean energy economy.

In fact, the Democrats are poised to return their entire top leadership team, including Rep. Steny Hoyer of Maryland in the No. 2 spot as majority leader and Rep. Jim Clyburn of SC as the whip.

In addition, Rep. Karen Bass of California, entering her fifth term, was officially elected chair of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Pelosi will need 218 votes to make it official when the House of Representatives votes on January 3.

In an interview Monday, Higgins said he, like many lawmakers, recognized that Pelosi's predicament gave him a unique opportunity to maximize his influence by making it clear precisely what he would need to throw his support to her.

"It is about having a conversation, as a party, about what our future looks like and how our leadership can best reflect the House we have just won", the Salem lawmaker said. The signatories, however, don't include a handful of incoming freshmen who said during their campaigns that they would oppose her, a line many have continued to maintain.

They've walked back their demand that she drop out this time and are now calling for her to offer a timetable for ending her speakership and transitioning to new leadership, an offer she solidly rejected.

Although it seemed at first as if Pelosi might have to fight to regain the gavel, fending off challenges from both moderate Democrats (to the right of Pelosi) and progressives to her left, Pelosi adeptly navigated a series of threats, first neutralizing a would-be opponent, then striking deals with vocal detractors. But one by one, Pelosi has picked off the would-be challengers and smoothed the skeptics.

Those trying to oust Pelosi say they always knew the internal caucus election would fall in her favour.

Other Democratic members of Congress, including Reps. Nine members of that group of centrists that had been threatening to vote against her unless she agreed to some rule changes, numbers that combined with the 20-odd Democrats promising to oppose Pelosi could have given her real problems on the House floor on January 3. Our majority came on the backs of candidates who said that they would support new leadership because voters in hard-won districts, and across the country, want to see real change in Washington. "Has she negotiated and given them some of the things that they want? Yes".

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