Amazon (AMZN) Launches New Service To Build And Manage Blockchains

Amazon (AMZN) Launches New Service To Build And Manage Blockchains

Amazon (AMZN) Launches New Service To Build And Manage Blockchains

Amazon cloud chief Andy Jassy made the announcement yesterday at the AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas.

Despite the recent decrease across the entire cryptocurrency market, Amazon digital arm AWS (Amazon Web Services) revealed two new blockchain-oriented products, CNBC reports.

Developers who use Amazon Sagemaker may want to dip their toes into reinforcement learning, because they'll get to test their theories out on a 1/18th scale fully autonomous racecar. These customers would like to be able to run AWS compute and storage on-premises, and also easily and seamlessly integrate these on-premises workloads with the rest of their applications in the AWS Cloud.

The company said on its blog that the Authority to Operate on AWS program includes training, tools, pre-built Cloud Formation templates and control implementation details and pre-built artifacts, as well as direct guidance from AWS consulting and technology partners, including GitHub, RedHat, Splunk, the Center for Internet Security and Coalfire. But the reality is many larger firms are not willing to give up their beloved data centres entirely, preferring incremental changes to preserve functionality for customers and employees. Amazon Personalize can make recommendations, personalise search results, and segment customers for direct and personalised marketing through email or push notifications.

Many machine learning models need data that has been labeled, or preclassified. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.

AWS said pricing of Ground Station is per minute of downlink time, with an option to prepay for blocks of minutes, though specific pricing hasn't been announced yet.

Cloud technologies continue transform information technology (IT) as we know it.

"You can expect that we are not close to being done".

"This is still not our focus, although people want us to make more of these things". I think this is going to be a very big area.

AWS Lake Formation then collects the data and moves it into a new Amazon S3 data lake, extracting technical metadata in the process to Catalogue and organise the data for easier discovery.

A lot of the ML services and capabilities announced this year are interesting but a particularly fun one is the AWS DeepRacer, a $399 (R5 456) autonomous toy vehicle, which is one-eighteenth the size of a real race auto, which aims to help developers get rolling with machine learning.

"Over 10,000 customers are now using Amazon SageMaker".

Amazon Managed Blockchain supports two popular open source blockchain frameworks, Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric, and setting up a blockchain network is as easy as a few clicks in the AWS Management Console.

You can program this vehicle to drive itself via a technique called reinforcement learning, which means it learns through trial and error.

"Reinforcement learning is enabling innovation in machine learning and robotics", said Brad Porter, VP and distinguished engineer of Amazon Robotics. AWS and Amazon as a whole continues to position itself as a significant player in the AI market.

AWS unveiled several Amazon SageMaker features, including low-priced, automatic data labelling and reinforcement learning, and also announced a high-performance ML inference chip, AWS Inferentia, which was custom-designed by AWS and will be available in 2019.

As AWS UK managing director Gavin Jackson - who is a former EMC and VMware executive - told Computerworld UK: "We think we've had a pretty good hybrid story for a good while now with Direct Connect and Virtual Private Cloud, so that's inside your data centre stretching out to the cloud". Once developers determine their algorithm is good enough, they can plug the algorithm into the actual DeepRacer and let the real rubber hit the real road, as it were.

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