Seattle awarded new XFL team to play at CenturyLink Field

Seattle awarded new XFL team to play at CenturyLink Field

Seattle awarded new XFL team to play at CenturyLink Field

He said it's been 20 years since the original XFL was announced, and a lot of things have changed since then.

"Combined these markets comprise almost a quarter of the nation's population", said XFL commissioner and CEO Oliver Luck at a news conference held at New Jersey's MetLife Stadium.

Luck said the league will have fewer stoppages, ie less stall and more ball.

McMahon, the league's founder, said he's confident the XFL will stick around this time because it has a long-term financial commitment and there is a "clamoring" from TV networks for live sports events.

In terms of selecting host cities for the XFL's first season, it was noted that more than 30 cities and venues expressed interest in participating, and that the league was looking for dedicated long-term partners rather than just a buildings to rent.

They are calling it, "football reimagined".

Kickoff for the XFL will be February 8-9, 2020, following the Super Bowl, as the league runs during the NFL's offseason. They want speed with modified officiating and a faster play clock. The XFL wants to "compliment" fall football. He also said they've taken input from fans and some of their best ideas have come from them. It will also cater to families looking for affordable ticket options.

At Wednesday's press conference, Luck said the XFL will test for PEDs.

The commissioner also said that he expects most of the players to come from the large pool of guys who can't stick on an National Football League roster. The New York XFL team will play at MetLife Stadium, the same venue the NFL's New York Jets and New York Giants play in. Team names will be assigned in 2019.

The XFL is already reserving season tickets for their return season on their official website which was announced during the conference held today.

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